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South African Actress Connie Fergusson To Partner With Zimbabwean Filmakers

South African Actress Connie Fergusson To Partner With Zimbabwean Filmakers

South African actress Connie Ferguson says her company, Ferguson Films, will partner with Zimbabwean filmmakers for future productions.

She said arts and culture have the capacity to unite people. She made the remarks during her three-day visit to Zimbabwe, which was part of her regional tour, organised by businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla, Nedbank and Destiny Media Group (DMG). She said:

 Thank you for having me in your beautiful country, this is the first visit but will certainly not be the last.

I have already started talking to some filmmakers from Zimbabwe who apparently have been doing great things here. As you may have seen right now, we are trying to cross borders and bridge the gap between African countries with our show (Kings of Joburg) and season 2 is coming soon.

So, as we try to make the continent smaller, we hope that Zimbabwe will be a big part of the change that we are trying to create. I have always said that business is business, politics is politics, and the arts and culture is what bring people together.

Both business and politics are starting to recognise that, so I think the more we need to push ourselves forward a lot more so that it can be used for the greater good.

Ferguson also addressed a Woman in Business conference, visited Emerald Hill children’s home on Saturday and held a Zumba masterclass fitness session on Sunday before she went back to her country.


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😏😏😏😏 1 month ago

regai Ana jatuwero nana dhafu vaendewo ku Hollywood kkkkk

Da Truth 1 month ago

We are talking about bread and butter 😂🇿🇼🐿️😎 pliz tell the celeb tichambonrwisa Zanupf not zvekupekura nguvo achazouta kana tatora Zim nzara in****ndo

Asalif 1 month ago

film industry here 👹 mybe talent searching. it can't prosper there is no media freedom here you can be arrested for an advertisement don't waste your time and resources

VYBZ KARKEL 1 month ago

Zmbos are very dull to the core guys
the noise on Ferguson is so blatant
what change does it bring ferguson come to Zim
does prices go down
do she advovocates for pure water or provision of good buses

dd she pay for our extra lessons

THE FIEND 1 month ago

First Soap@Generations after ZANU pf defeat.


Mukoma Dhimba na Dhafu 1 month ago

Sure, sure totambira dhuze newe..

. 1 month ago

Her late first husband was from Botswana, Zimbabwe is having its turn now.

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