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South Africa: Zimbabweans Repatriate Belongings As Xenophobic Attacks Intensify

South Africa: Zimbabweans Repatriate Belongings As Xenophobic Attacks Intensify

Xenophobic persecution has scared many Zimbabweans, prompting them to repatriate their valuables, furniture and appliances.

Recent attacks in South Africa on immigrants by members of groups such as Operation Dudula, Dudula Movement and PutSouthAfricaFirst have resulted in the murder of a Zimbabwean national, Elvis Nyathi, who was beaten and set alight outside his home in Diepsloot.

Nyathi was buried last week in Bulawayo with the assistance of the government of Zimbabwe. reports that more than five bus companies that operate cross-border trips to Zimbabwe every week say they have seen a huge increase in luggage being sent home.

Samson Chanetsa, the owner of Red Lion Bus Company, said he had seen an increase in goods being sent to Zimbabwe.  He said:

We are carrying more luggage than passengers because people are afraid of falling victim to xenophobic violence. We used to travel with not more than 40 passengers per trip. We are now having a small number of travellers to Zimbabwe as people are spending more money on sending their luggage.

We are charging the same prices on luggage we charged last year. A double-door fridge remains at R1,500. This is the same price we have been charging in the festive season.

A driver, who did not want his employer to be named or to be named himself, said they were sometimes transporting less than 20 passengers while they were experiencing an unprecedented volume of luggage. He added, “That is where we are making our profit.”

Farisai Nyamadzawo, a domestic worker who has lived in Gqeberha for 15 years with her husband and their two children says they sent their household furniture and appliances to Zimbabwe by bus as they feared they could end up losing everything.

She added that they were not planning to relocate to Zimbabwe anytime soon because they are holders of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits.

Kuda Munyoro, a general worker at a smallholding in Sea View, and has been in South Africa for three years, joined hands with four Zimbabwean colleagues and paid R12 000 for their furniture and goods to be loaded on a bus from Gqeberha train station to Zimbabwe.

He said he was yet to decide on whether to go home for good or to remain in South Africa adding that he will apply for an asylum permit.

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mr Lux Lux sipo 1 month ago

When Zimbabweans got independence in 1980,we SAns didn't run to Zimbabwe, we let them enjoy their freedom in peace while fighting our own battles against apartheid, 1994 we got our own, Zimbabweans wasted no time to hijack our freedom 🇿🇦

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

After moving their property and families with nothing to lose the fight will begin...

Maparamuro 1 month ago

People in Zim are still voting for zanupf voluntarily. Zanupf even has branches in the diaspora. Why do people think people in the diaspora will vote for opposition? They actually want to remain out there because life is better there and it will take many many years for Zimbabwe to get anywhere near south Africa. Xenophobia comes and goes. If we were to go by what happened in 2008 there would be no Zimbabwean living in South Africa today but people are still going there. Hundreds of people are being arrested trying to cross the border illegally knowing they will face xenophobia

Machiavelli 1 month ago

If ZANU was confident that people in the Diaspora supported it, then diaspora would have been given the vote eons ago.
The fact that the Diaspora vote has been thwarted by ZANU means ZANU knows it doesn't have support out there.


Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Xenophobic attacks are going to remain in South Africa because their Government officials are divided on the subject. The only solution is for them to come home and vote for a better administration to take over and try to improve economic growth. The current administration has failed. Mozambique once fell in the same situation. They worked hard and their economy improved and returned to their home without forcing them. The problem we have is our government has found a scapegoat in sanctions. Sanctions are there because they do not want to do away with corruption which enriches their pockets. They continue disrespecting the rule of law and abuse human rights. Zimbabweans, wake up from your slumber. Come back home, register to vote and indeed vote.


post 1 month ago

King 1 month ago

Dai mvura yasara ichipedzawo basa tione kuti vachatizirawo kupi


putin 1 month ago

fire fire pa dhudhulaaa apoooooo

1 month ago

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