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South Africa: Zimbabwean Inmates Plus A SAn Escape Movie Style

South Africa: Zimbabwean Inmates Plus A SAn Escape Movie Style

Five inmates have escaped from custody after a group of heavily armed men freed them from a police truck transporting them to court, the police said on Friday.

SAPS spokesperson in Gauteng, Brigadier Brenda Muridili told TV channel Newzroom Afrika that the SAPS officers transporting the inmates to the Vosloorus Magistrate’s Court were overpowered on the way.

Muridili urged members of the public to be very careful as those suspects are armed and very dangerous. He said:

The accused are all Zimbabwean nationals and their names are Nkhululeko Nkomo; Robert Hlatshwayo; Thulani Dube; Augustine Moyo; Mbongiseni Mkandla. We are currently having a team that has been launched so that they can do a manhunt and find the escapees.

The police were outnumbers. It was two vehicles that were involved in this incident. One blocked the police vehicle from the front and a number of armed suspects, with rifles, then indicated to the police officers that they must stop the vehicle.

Police later clarified to IOL that only four were Zimbabweans and the other, Robert Hlatswayo was a South African. She said people from another vehicle that was behind the government truck broke the lock and the inmates fled.

The escapees were going to court on charges including possession of unlicensed firearms, business robbery, attempted murder and shoplifting. They are aged between 30 and 45.

The SAPS has appealed to community members to help them with information to locate the wanted suspects.

Last year, four “dangerous” prisoners escaped from custody in Limpopo after disarming a police officer.

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RKT 1 week ago

Ma shona nema ndebele are one people, Zimbabweans . To hell with tribalism .

Vybz Kartel 1 week ago

Hatina kutengesa nyika pamusaka peshuga isu

J 1 week ago

Mboko and gaffer pliz keep your useless comments to yourselves. Apologies to everyone offended by these 2 useless assholes. Please know this is not the mindset of us "Shonas".

Mboko 1 week ago

@kartel these people dont know mandewere.chingowerenga pano papindula ma murder cases arikuitika kublawayo,mumhu kuuraya gf nekurinyudza mu seweg,kuuraya maprisa,mainini kudyisa vana madhodhi zvese mandewere nemapanga awo ikoko

Vybz Kartel 1 week ago

Just admit it Mandere ane problem

James ndaba 1 week ago

Apology accepted


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Gogodera 1 week ago

But vanongozobatwa saka hapana chavagona vangori mapenzi vanonakidzwa nezvisina basa

Mr ndhlumbi 1 week ago

Kkkk skiri yepa prison break or pa fast 5.

Bounty 1 week ago

Kkkkkk I the way they do it .. No one got shot during the escape

Ginious 1 week ago

We are one people,Shona and ndebele.

DaBaby 1 week ago

@Mboko ndiwe mhata yamai vako ziduzvi remunhu 1 week ago

@Gafffer garo rako rineshena wanzwa nxaaa

Chikandamina 1 week ago

Kuparira mazimba ikoko.

Gaffer 1 week ago

That's why I don't associate with Lobengura's kids....mbavha dzoga dzoga..basa kubata huro mxm..ngaavadzoke tonyatsovamamisa..

Dahwa 1 week ago

Mboko is always out for blood,cause confusion and spread hate. anoda kumbomamiswa mbichana,kungomudzidzisa hunhu soo😠😠. To all my ndebele brothers and sisters especially sisters🤗 this shona loves you very much💜 contact me 0736-------

Gaffer 1 week ago

Pane aba fut zita rangu, but no to tribalism. WHAT UNITES US IS GREATER THAN WHAT COULD EVER SEPARATE US.

yours truely

Dimond k.

😍 1 week ago

@Mugrade 2 Tell that to your Shona brothers they are lost

MuGrade 2 1 week ago

Peace guys... Ndebeles n Shonas are one... United we stand

FuckShonas 1 week ago

Enemies of progress

Mashona othuvi 1 week ago

Most armed robbery cases in Zimbabwe are committed by Shona people,wakambonzwa tichiti vanha vambuya nehanda here.Tribalists nxaaaaaa

Nkust 1 week ago

Nxaa mashona lingamatribalist!Asilincengi mxm

Mboko 1 week ago

Mnangagwa dai akavapedza vese manje vakakurumidza kumubata,vanhu ahwaite awa asati agara nawo ndiye anoti varibho imhata vanhu ava

KayKay 1 week ago

Zimbabweans kkkkkk

Bounty Hunter 1 week ago

I hv to show my profession as a bounty Hunter. These criminals are so lucky I'm working on another case in Zimbabwe

Bright 1 week ago

Kkkk dzimwe nyika kune magayenga ummmm


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