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South Africa Reiterates Position On Zimbabwe Sanctions

South Africa Reiterates Position On Zimbabwe Sanctions

South Africa has reiterated its call to have unilateral sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe removed.

In a speech at the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, SA Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Naledi Pandor said the sanctions against Zimbabwe affect the entire Southern African region. She said:

South Africa calls for an end to the embargo against Cuba, which continues to impede the right to development of her people.

In the same vein, we call for an end to unilateral coercive measures against Zimbabwe, which have compounded the problems experienced by the people of Zimbabwe and have a detrimental effect on the broader Southern African region.

Last week, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa told US President Joe Biden that the measures against Zimbabwe had weakened the country’s economy pushing Zimbabweans to migrate to neighbouring countries. | The Sunday Mail

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Machiavelli 1 week ago

Naledi Pandor, we hear you.
The question is, apart fro crying from every pulpit, what is Zimbabwe doing to ensure that those sanctions are lifted?

Tickey 1 week ago

@Illegal Sanctions, pindura mubvubzo wabvunzwa naMachiavelli.

Illegal Sanctions 1 week ago

The South African government cannot support illegal sanctions which were unilaterally imposed by the USA.Ukapabata ipapo you will understand their position.
Yes the situation in Zimbabwe needs to be addressed but not through illegal sanctions.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Reforms reform reform pasina izvozvo bwereketai henyu haana kwaanoenda kana musina kuchinja kaitiro kenyu

Zim 1 week ago

you find Zimbabweans supporting sanctions. Only fools can do that because even the unborn is suffering.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

@Zim who is supporting sanctions?

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

@Zim ndiwe wega munhu ataure zvine musoro mucomment section so far. Vamwe vese mamental slaves vanoona seUSA neEU zvinoziva zvese nezvepasi pano. Vanhu ngavasapusiswa zvakadai masanctions ariko ende anouraya kupfuura ZANU PF. Vangani vakafa nenzara, xenophobia, zvirwere zvinorapika, madrugs, cholera nesuicide nenyaya yekutambura?

Constable 1 week ago

Don't be misinformed, we are against sanctions. Tinoda kudyawo liver, bacon and eggs. Real sanctions which must go where imposed by ZanuPF to the citizens of Zimbabwe

Mafirakureva 1 week ago

We are suffering because Tagwireyi is getting corruptly got tenders and forx from the RBZ. Billy Rautenbach is getting a legalised monopoly in 20% of fuel distributed in the whole country.

Because the government is trampling on the Himan rights of its citizens. Lawfare against Sikhala and Sithole for example. Elections are not free and fair. Army shoots unarmed people demonstrating, which is their Constitutional right.

Opposition parties are hassled at every turn. There is shrinking democratic space. Civic society is threatened every day

Need we go on ad nauseam?

chibaba 1 week ago

Zimbabwean are not supporting sanctions but zanu pf gvt must reform from human rights abuse,kunedzimwe nzvimbo kutaura zve opposition unototya kuuraiwa

Tickey 1 week ago

Nhai Pizza, wotoganza kuti ZANU inoita human rights abuses? Sorry manhingu mwana waamai vane varume vakawanda

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

@chibaba, masanctions ane 20 years aripo but ZANU haimire kuabuser mahuman rights. Saka iwewe chionawo wega kuti ukuda chii nyika ine economy yakanaka but isina democracy or kushaya zvese democracy neEconomy yakanaka. You only have these 2 options, learn or perish


Native 1 week ago

We know that sadc is benefiting from the current zim situation as seen by number of countries who want Zim teachers not to mention all the labour force & as much as we know u're avoiding the talk of reforms which is the key issue not sanctions

The King of Serpents 1 week ago

Taura hako. Other countries are benefiting from our sanctions situation. They benefit from cheap labour from our highly skilled migrants.

Gindagoria 1 week ago

Kune masanction eyi zviya

as it is 1 week ago

African brotherhood or Pan Africanism is what it is ; a conspiracy of evil ,rougue and corrupt government's . Zimbabwe has suffered more from corruption and misrule , not the so called sanctions . Ian Smith overrode the war sanctions, and industrialised . But instead our black kins are buying luxury villas abroad . You can't hide anymore behind this sanctions mantra , wait and see .

Zuze 1 week ago

Hareruya Hemeni

Sir African 1 week ago

More Sanctions are better than none

gozho 13 hours ago

Zimbabweans arr strong. they will survive

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