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South Africa Refuses To Extend Special Permits For Zimbabweans

South Africa Refuses To Extend Special Permits For Zimbabweans

The South African government says it will not extend special permits to Zimbabweans which are due to expire at the end of this year.

South Africa’s Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele told a post Cabinet media briefing on Thursday that beneficiaries of the previous scheme have been granted a 12-month grace period to regularise their stay or face deportation.

At least 180 000 Zimbabweans are beneficiaries of the special exemption permits, called the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEPs), that allow them to live and work in the neighbouring country.

But Gungubele told journalists on Thursday morning that the permits will not be renewed. He said:

Following its deliberations, Cabinet has decided to no longer issue extensions to the Zimbabweans and special dispensations.

However, Cabinet decided on a 12 months grace period at the expiry of current exemption permits.

In this period holders of this permit should apply for other permits appropriate to their particular status or situation.

At the expiry of this grace period those who are not successful, we have to depart the Republic of South Africa or be deported.

The permits were first issued in 2010 under the Dispensation of Zimbabweans Project (DZP).

The programme was renewed in 2014 as the Zimbabwe Special Dispensation Permits (ZSPs) before they were introduced as ZEPs in 2017.

Zimbabweans living and working in South Africa had been eagerly waiting for the South African Cabinet to make pronouncements regarding the issue of permits.

Some Zimbabweans recently went as far as taking the South African government to court demanding that they be provided with a permanent residence status.

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Shampoo 6 months ago

I support S.Africa's decision. Zimbabweans come back home and vote in your country. And help build it. Not just waiting for others to built it for you. Have some pride and come back home ma South Africans havachakudai. Vakushandisai zvakwana. Nyika yedu ichanakawo chete. I love our Zimbabwe. It's not all that bad. Economy yrdu ichanakawo. Kana mbavha dzabva mu Government.

Shadows 6 months ago

Dzoka uyamwe. Vamwe varikungoshndira chihure chete ikoko. Uchaona pavanodzka vachiuya nezvimashangani bag 2. Huyai tivake nyika yedu. Kwete kufarira kuvaka musha weumwe wako uchiparara

Daniel Chimsuri 6 months ago


Tiriz 6 months ago

I do support kuti vasaite renewal yema permits,why?Bcoz ngavauye tiite muonera pamwe chuma chemuzukuru,tovhota tese zvinhu zvonaka not kugadzirisirwa nevamwe.This time we nid numbers for a bigger margin not zvekutamba zvavari kuita izvo.Munhu ngaauye kumba tigadzire nyika kwete kuti,heee Sadc,African Union Nana EU vachaita plan.

Ini zvangu 6 months ago

Eeeish, zvavari ivozve vanga vari major source of forex for the Zimbabwe. Va Mthuli pindirayi.

Open view Hd 6 months ago

One day ma South Africans will be the one seeking permits in zim

Ndomene Haichemedzi 6 months ago

I agree with you. I once heard of a Nigeria and Ghana case. Nigerians at one point are said to have mistreated Ghana migrants because they thought their country was better-and it is said Ghananians that were in Nigeria we're humiliatedly forced to go back to their country. However, fortunes turned for Ghana and it was hard for Nigerians to go to Nigeria.

Zimbabweans in SA must make eviction plans(ndomaonero angu) because I foresee SA becoming too hot in the not far future. South Africans, at some point in the future shall taste their own bitter medicine that destroys.

Otherwise, maZimba dzokai kumba tiite muonera pamwe kusimudzira nyika. Not kuwawata muri from afar.


Ndomene Haichemedzi 6 months ago

What did they expect after suing a government that has been so kind to them. Kunyepera kuziva maZimba tiri kune dzimwe nyika tichisiya musha uchitsva kuno. Come back home apa nxaaaaa. And they talk talk too much rubbing about zimbabwe, vazhinji vemaSA based Zimbabweans, especially on social media apa havavhoti.
Siriro Ramaposa vanhu kumusha.

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