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South Africa Produces First Military Plane Since 1980s, Names It "Mwari"

South Africa Produces First Military Plane Since 1980s, Names It

The Paramount Group, a privately owned defence and aerospace company, has produced and sold the first military aircraft made in South Africa since the 1980s.

The company said it has won orders for the Mwari, a reconnaissance and precision-strike aircraft, and the first delivery will take place this week after an 11-year development period.

Paramount Group further said aircraft will be supplied to two air forces, saying it can’t yet disclose their identity.

The military aircraft is named Mwari, a word in Zimbabwe’s Shona language that means “the all-knowing, all-seeing deity.”

The company said it is aiming to sell the Mwari across the world where it can be used for counter-insurgency purposes as well as for other applications including maritime surveillance and anti-poaching missions.

The two-pilot aircraft can carry as much as a ton of precision-guided arms and with a lighter load has a range of about 960 kilometres (596 miles).

The wari has an interchangeable pod that allows reconnaissance and other equipment to be swapped out within two hours so that the aircraft can be used for different purposes. | Bloomberg via

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Biden 4 months ago

But why use a shona name.for God

4 months ago

They don't speak shona same word different meaning

Leave a comment 4 months ago

wangu usanyepere kudzungaira they know very well what the word means.usapenge in which other SA language does the word appear and what is the meaning of "it".its a mockery and evilous f u c k e r y..

O_O 4 months ago

SEIKO has a meaning in Shona and also another meaning in Japanese. Saka usatuke vanhu uchiti vari kudzungaira. Unless you know all the South african languages. Look B.e.che in German languages kana uine nharo

Tintin 4 months ago

don't be crazy the article has already stated that it's from the Shona language.

@empty tin 4 months ago

Tiratidze pacho pakanzi its a Shona word. Zvangonzi it has a meaning in Shona

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

The world is coming to an end soon you may take it lightly but it's a mockery to the almighty if it is true that this company named the air craft Mwari let's just say it has a different meaning to them than the Shona may mean,therefore the christian community throughout the world must protest this and shows what south Africa is made of in terms of religion it's matter of time take note.

@@empty tin from Tintin 4 months ago

this article was written by Bloomberg...they know their stuff...they would have given us the other meanings of that word.get away intellectual buffoon.

Zuze 4 months ago

@Biden, ko iwe zvauri kunzi Biden, waaPresident wekuAmerica here?

CDE 4 months ago

Ko kugoli zvakuna PASTOR M B O R O saka zvakazonzi izita rechishona here, Jozi haisi Zimbabwe kaaa nhaiwe

anonymous 4 months ago

don't make silly arguments...the article is clear the name was taken from the Shona language...ok give us the South African meaning of Mwari?muri ana Zuze zvechokwadi🙄🙄🙄

rtgs 4 months ago

ndokuti nyika inovakwa nekuchengetwa nevene vayo kaa uku,kwete zva scarfmore arikutadza kutotenga ma parts emigweje ye ma jet e BAE Systems akasiwa na Smith basa kungombeya kunge nhunzi manje haisi nguva ye Mango ino

Blasphemy 4 months ago

ko why didn't they call the bloody plane DUDULA nxaaaaa

mafirakureva 4 months ago

please don't insult the engineers. They think.

Dudula people have faecal matter for brains

Nkust 4 months ago

Hazvichaitika kty ihi dudula nekuti news dzazuru dzaiti South Africa load shedding paralysis all operations zvichireva ka kty naiyo operation dudula has been paralyzed ndikozve mazuvano kusina noise kumzanzi


rtgs 4 months ago

I think South Africa is lacking behind when it comes to technology Zim developed its first helicopter 🚁 kudhara chikopokopo cho mkoma Dani Chingoma is one the best to ever come out of Zimbabwe

Tintin 4 months ago


Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago


historian 4 months ago

The jet isnt going to be a success cuz trying to compare it with God is blasphemy.

Truth 4 months ago

There is no God. God only exists in your mind.

Machiavelli 4 months ago

If the picture supplied with the article is anything to go by, the predecessor to it was known as Arumanya (German- Allemaigne?) used by Smith's airforce as a spotter plane during the bush war. It was a f_cking dangerous plane that could hover and glide above silently and for long periods. Eish....

@edmnangagwa 4 months ago

I'm interested I'd like to buy ma jet awo

Doug 4 months ago

Sounds like the plane was designed and built by people who moved away from Zimbabwe and had some Shona Language exposure.

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

The pic shows that it was used during the war of liberation by Ian Smith against the freedom fighters doing the same work of spotting and offloading bombs where necessary and would fly off when under fire it's a copy it was called a hunter or spotter I was 13-14 years by then no new deal ranging from 1976-1979 all war veterans know about this type of plane during the war.

@Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

It was called a "Lynx"... a two engined(front and rear) Cessna 337 aircraft.

Da Truth 4 months ago

Research more Peter Walls went to South Africa with some of these planes and armoured tanks .The design is a recreation by Ian Smith ,s former employee.They definitely have a know how of the military hardware used back then by Ian Smith .

confused 4 months ago

Which is which here mwari/wari

ggjj 4 months ago


Tkt says 4 months ago

Kkkk was sold to AFoZ, saw the plane on The 20 Sept 2022 Flying over Gweru between 0900-1000, same old "Lynx"

Tkt says 4 months ago

@rtgs.... Wanyepa wangu!
Those jets you are talking about we REVERSE engineered them, the parent company that made them back in London closed doors for their production which led to our grounding them back in 2006, however after our successful engineering, we managed to fly 4 during the 2022 Independence Celebration in Bulawayo. Google up

CCC 4 months ago

vakadii kuti Munyangasa

Ginious 4 months ago

ana mwari vakawandisa.satan atoriwo mwari kune vamwe.its no big issue.jst dat takaira mazita echirungu ana marine etc

cde Chipopi 4 months ago

I nhau bedzi yekuti munyika mavo muchine varungu unlike muno matinodzinga varungu nekutuka ma British nema Americans apo njere dze technology yacho tisina kana chatinoziva futi! It's a shame for the so called pan Africans. Which is a lost cause.

___ 4 months ago

It could be an abbreviation.

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