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South Africa: Pandor Says Ramaphosa Needs To Deal With The Phala Phala Matter Swiftly

South Africa: Pandor Says Ramaphosa Needs To Deal With The Phala Phala Matter Swiftly

South Africa’s International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor has said she’s confident president Cyril Ramaphosa will still be president in 2023 but warned that Ramaphosa needs to deal with the matter swiftly.

She made the remarks in reaction to the Section 89 report into the Phala Phala farm theft scandal, eNCA News reported. She is quoted as saying:

We won’t have a different president in 2023, I think it will remain President Ramaphosa unless something unexpected occurs.

In my own limited analysis, I believe he will remain president in 2023.

On my reaction to report, I think it’s really a matter that President Ramaphosa has to deal with since he is the person that is the subject of the report and he’s acted in terms of the law and the Constitution by following the steps of taking report on review.

One or two colleagues have called… they’re more interested in is South Africa stable, is there a problem, should we anticipate that there will be some kind of conflict emerging which will harm the stability and I’ve assured them, even when te temperature appears very high in South Africa, we remain a stable democracy.

Meanwhile, the ANC has expelled former NEC member Carl Niehaus who is also the spokesperson of the disbanded MKMVA.

Niehaus was found guilty of six counts of misconduct for contravening the ANC constitution, according to eNCA News.

Charges against Niehaus included comments about the law being used to fight ANC factional battles.

The party’s National Disciplinary Committee found that Niehaus, like all other members of the ANC, was bound by the code of conduct of the organisation.

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Gb 1 month ago

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anga atii victim 1 month ago

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1 month ago

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Sir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

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Mass reply 1 month ago

Kkk no one has been intimidated here but he had replied me earlier in a way isiri bhoo um sorry for that my bad
Who said if I put a word CIO means um part of the squad
It's name lyk some of u call yo self trump,cid,sir Zim,gb etc

Sorry I won't use the name again

Dofo 1 month ago

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