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South Africa: Mmusi Maimane Blames ZANU PF For Immigration Challenges

South Africa: Mmusi Maimane Blames ZANU PF For Immigration Challenges

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Mmusi Maimane has blamed Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU PF for immigration challenges in his country.

Immigration continues to be a big debate in the country as locals blame the ballooning unemployment rate on foreign nationals whom they accuse of taking their jobs. 

Taking to social media last week‚ Maimane claimed the government was to blame for the “immigration challenges” faced in SA by refusing to act against “tyranny” on its doorstep. He said:

The immigration challenges that we are facing are because the SA government enabled a brutal and corrupt regime to terrorise its citizens for 42 years. While there is tyranny in our neighbourhood‚ we will not be able to deal with the challenges of immigration…

To deal with the immigration challenges we are facing, we must harass @edmnangagwa not our very own grannies. It is not bravery to confront old people. Those who are brave will address the root causes. The leaders of ZANU PF are making SA pay.

Some observers concurred with him saying there is need for action against the revolutionary party.

Some called upon the South African government to freeze accounts of “all ZANU PF members living large from corruption proceeds.”

The Zimbabwe Institute for Accountability @ZimInstit4Dem said the “poor people are pawns in this game while those responsible for this malaise sleep easy at night.”

The institute blamed the mass migration of Zimbabweans on corruption and the failure of the Zimbabwean government to provide for its people. Added the institute:

RSA & SADC must demand accountability from ZPf govt for this insecurity.

South Africa and SADC have for long been accused of “quiet diplomacy” while Zimbabweans suffer.

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booster jab 3 months ago

The guy's actually right

Vote for change vote CCC

Tkt 3 months ago

@PeterZulu Club member paNational Fmmmmm chimutiiiiiiii

@Maseko partly concur with you adding newewo uri musuri wacho

@Conquring we need to conquer dem assets that good untill my leaders repent ? huh

@Vybz wabaya chaiko. kkkkk kunonzi kuti dyuuuuuuuuu

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

The sellout speaks

Chikandamina 3 months ago

Yellow go go

Bright 3 months ago

Muchakandama yakikwa CCC yenyu iyoyo

Conquring 3 months ago

Asi paku freezer apo guys pari bhoo chimbopaongororayi zvenyu kkk


Maseko 3 months ago

Musurimaimama or Maimane hameno ikoko. But one thing l know is in DA he was a puppet, vachena vakazomuti he is very dumb vakamudzinga. So myself i have got problem with puppets 😀😀😀😀

brain 3 months ago

Give yourself a chance to Enjoy Life its your right. Vote for Change, Vote for Better Life.

CCC is the way 👍

Four 3 months ago


Peter Zulu 3 months ago

S,A,D.C batengesi Ma sell out

Raslalo 3 months ago


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