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South Africa: Man Sentenced To 3 Life Terms

South Africa: Man Sentenced To 3 Life Terms

A man has been sentenced to three life terms and a combined 279 years in the North West High Court for 27 offences he was charged with, including rape and murder.

Thabang Gordon Moloi, 28, was sentenced to life imprisonment on each count of murder and two of rape.

North West NPA spokesperson Henry Mamothame said in a statement yesterday:

Moloi’s unrelated charges include murder, attempted murder, multiple robberies with aggravating circumstances, multiple kidnappings, multiple housebreakings, theft, attempted escaping from lawful custody and escaping from lawful custody.

According to the regional NPA, he kidnapped several women, some he met on the street, dragged them to isolated locations and raped, and or robbed them.

He also assaulted and killed some people.

Moloi was subsequently arrested on December 19 2017 and charged and on December 21, 2017.

After several attempts, Moloi managed to escape police custody when he freed himself of the foot-cuffs, jumped out of a police truck, and escaped.

Following his escape, Moloi committed several other crimes only to be re-arrested on August 20 2018 on more charges.

The regional NPA says Moloi was currently serving a 15-year sentence on a charge of kidnapping and robbery, and he has another pending rape case that was unrelated to the 27 offences he was sentenced for.

He has four other convictions to his name, including theft, two robberies with aggravating circumstances, and kidnapping.

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Zman 5 months ago

Mmm hazvina kumira beautiful pamuchinda uyu zvekuti ini ndotomunamatira mwari amupe makore akawandisa ekurarama arimo hake mukati zvichida uchadzidzisa vanhu chokwadi uyu kuti chitsaga tsaga hachibhadhari

Theresa 5 months ago

Kungopedza chikafu chejeri mahara uyu dai.matouraya zvenyu uyu

### 5 months ago

Iyi yaiva mbavha iyi mhosva dzese idzo umm

Shampoo 5 months ago

Those kind of monsters doesn't change. He should have life in prison with hard labour. Mhondi ye munhu.

S 5 months ago

That monster doesn't deserve to live among humans. He should be thrown to lions when he is alive. Then he would feel how it is to kill people. He should taste his own medicine. Zvovharana.

Conquring 5 months ago

Guys ndibatsireiwo kana zvichinzi 3 life terms zvinenge zvichirevei. ,but 28 years nema crimes ese ayo uuu7uuu maone

Smeagle 5 months ago

Wasting state resources feeding this monster in prison he should just be electrocuted zvovharana the death sentence should not be abolished for such extreme cases


Tentin 5 months ago

3 life terms should be equal to death sentence

👺 5 months ago

Those are 20 life terms

Mike😲 5 months ago

279 years🤥🤥😲

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