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South Africa Has A Whites-Only Town

South Africa Has A Whites-Only Town

South has a town where black and coloured people are not allowed to live called Orania. According to several reports, only whites live in this town.

Said a BBC journalist who visited the town:

I spent a few days in Orania, a town established in 1991 where no black people live.

I was part of a BBC crew, including Zimbabwean journalist Stanley Kwenda, who were accredited to visit.

And during that time, I did not see any other black people in the town of 1,000 – an unusual experience in modern South Africa.

It is an Afrikaner-only town, where only Afrikaans is spoken, because of fears about “diluting culture”.

Orania was founded by one Boshoff Snr as a registered company during the last years of apartheid, with the idea of making it a safe haven for Afrikaners. Dutch, German and French settlers who arrived and colonised South Africa in the 1600s. Afrikaners dominated South Africa for many decades and introduced the apartheid system which was based on racial segregation

One of the Orania residents told the BBC:

“I see nothing wrong with apartheid!

Of course you get the petty apartheid: ‘You use this toilet I use that toilet’, I don’t think that was necessary but the real apartheid as Dr Verwoerd saw it, there was nothing wrong with it. 

While the town’s administrators insist that it’s not about the colour of skin, no black people or coloureds can live there.

Prospective residents are screened by the town council using a strict criterion, and the key criterion is being an ethnic Afrikaner. Just being able to speak Afrikaans is not enough.

Orania prints its own money and runs its own banks, and has its own holidays. It even has and flies its own flag.

According to a report by WION, the residents of Orania have said their next goal is the creation of an Afrikanner republic.


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John Mangudya 1 month ago

Afrikaans hates blacks.

Bvongie 1 month ago

Dude whiye are the ines that came yo Africa and settled here so we are not suppose to play by their rules but outs it doesnt matter that you see people roast maize that out country why do we have to behave like them if we do some things a certain way thats. us Africans so why do we need to act european when we are africans but as for south africa they will not mind it they see whites as the upper class cause i once saw a documentary a out that city and you dont see black south africans demonstrating about it but if it where black people doing that they will be looting saying that south africa is a rainbow nation

Horomba 1 month ago

Y bother to mix with those Afrikanaars .Problem with us blacks is bcoz we have an inferiority complex plus we lower living standards .Compare Harare in 1980 and today. Harare is now worse than a Growth Point. You walk along 1st in Harare there is human waste all over which never used to happen during Smith,s days. People are roasting maize cobs all over the CBD. Matuzvi and urine everywhere.Y do we want to mix with whites if they don't like us y force them to love us.

Dred 1 month ago

Afrikaners not afrikaans

Anonymous 1 month ago

Theres nothing wrong, if its about preserving culture and language. After all a population of 1000 pple what difference does it make. Kungotukwira tuvana twacho twapinda mutown

thrasher 1 month ago

yeah its racial segregation there is nothing wrong with it

Afrikaans is a language bro. People who speak Afrikaans are called afrikaners 1 month ago


Chibhanguza 1 month ago

Ndizvo zvakarambwa na Mugabe izvo.

Chibhanguza 1 month ago

I don't know


Ndunga 1 month ago

We don't care about Sa pindula that's their problem we have our own.

Pindula 1 month ago

We care bro. Its you who does nt care. **** you

Lindo 1 month ago

When you are having *** with your partner when she says Man united she's telling you hapana zwaurikuita .

@Lindo 1 month ago


Off topic 1 month ago

Off topic

Chikumba 1 month ago


comment 1 month ago

nonsense boers

S.A 1 month ago

let them go back to dutch

gogodera 1 month ago

Harare yasemsesa veduwe

AL SHABAB 1 month ago

You go back to Somalia

Moyo 1 month ago

I will never leave my country ndichida kuenda ikoko love my sadza

Mango 1 month ago

its good Africanners do not want to mix their life with other tribes i

Gwedu 1 month ago

If they consider themselves sovereign, it's time to show them reality. We ask for South African land reform to start by that town. We ask all other South Africans to move freely I. that area but them oranians shld produce a passport to goi out of that area. We ask for a war and no South African military shld support them. Nonsense !!

skeniare 1 month ago


Greyhora 1 month ago

Orania is not new to some of us. Its not like you wont see blacks no no. They are allowed to work there,but kana nguva dzakwana off the private land kumba kwenyu. I dont see anything wrong with self determination,as long as you dont carve the state or make statelets. If you recognise the soverign then itai not kuti toda kudambura nyika nepakati ahh

ComedyHalfHour 1 month ago

😂 😁 😂 😂 😂 😂

Doug 1 month ago

Even a white person who does not qualify culturally is not allowed to stay in this area. So blacks and whites are not allowed here.

🤣 🤣 🤣 1 month ago

Thsre is nothing wrong, blacks we need to stop being cry babies.

Blacks build your own black only towns is allowed

Paul Piki 1 month ago

Even the South African President is not allowed to stay there. Ha ha ha.

flames 1 month ago

it's more of a Nation in a Nation,but South Africans are against other fellow Africans

saikorojiist 1 month ago

men and women fell before 1994 for this. South Africa is a rainbow nation. these guys are fighting RSA independence and ethics of its establishment. this is unpatriotic treasonous act to undermine a constitutional nation and currency etc. these guys must be brought to book, South African in a all race nation and everyone is allowed to any place with no racial nor tribal boundaries. this is treason, they want a nation within a nation. undermining SA govt? tell them to go back to Europe and leave Africa for Africans and with fact, southern Africa belongs to the black skin anyone else is a visitor. For the first time I am supporting ZANU PF ideas of what sovereignty is. Land belongs to vene venyika

Al Shabab 1 month ago

I belong here and my roots are here. we dont allow nonsense. no to apartheid

Tateguru 1 month ago

This is common even in Zimbabwe. The difference is on the selection lines. Most rural areas in Zimbabwe are blacks only areas. Some areas are even one political party areas. You can not just fit in.

However, as of Orania in Southern Africa, clearly it is another country like Lesotho, a country within the South African borders. It has its own flag, currency and parliament. It should be counted as Africa's umpteenth Nation.

Si**** 1 month ago

True, kwedu kuBuhera its all blacks, no white. Our standard of living determines who qualifies.

Majority Rule 1 month ago

And those other Africans chasing Zimbos should go and fight the bullish afrikaaners

gogodera 1 month ago

Harare yakisemesa

gogodera 1 month ago

Harare yasemesa veduwe

Addy 1 month ago

yeah, they are totally not part of south African people what is their intertion to colonise cause if your people create their own bank it means a lot

Big Black Nigger 1 month ago

Is that even necessary

Kinzhal missle 1 month ago

Land reform irikuuya very soon

Boer 1 month ago

Land abuse aka weed farming😁😁

nzunzu 1 month ago

not fair

Mshayazafe 1 month ago

Hope it operates within the laws of the Republic of South Africa

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