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'South Africa Exploiting Zimbabweans With Impunity'

'South Africa Exploiting Zimbabweans With Impunity'

The South African Government has been accused of exploiting Zimbabweans with impunity after it collected hundreds of millions of rands from those applying for special permits over the years.

South Africa has reportedly extracted approximately R400 million over the years from foreign nationals applying for special permits.

Zimbabweans who applied for the Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP) paid R890,00 while Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP) holders had to pay R1 090,00.

The Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Holders Association (ZEPHA) and others organisations are challenging the South African government’s decision to cancel the ZEP permits.

Speaking to The Standard from Johannesburg, South Africa, where he is based, the ZEP holders’ lawyer Advocate Simba Chitando said:

The exploitation is now out of control. They have collected hundreds of millions of Rands in exemption applications, both successful and unsuccessful, all the funds are unaccounted for.

The evidence from the Zondo Commission suggests that the money was stolen.

In the court papers, they claim that they cannot afford the R146 million for the ZEP, with no explanation of what happened to under R400 million the holders have already paid.

This is the biggest graft by one government over the citizens of another country, and it has continued to happen because of a one-sided romance between the two ruling parties. It cannot go on any further.

South Africa’s Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi and his director-general Livhuwani Tommy Makhode had requested R145 million for a special project of granting exemptions for SADC nationals.

The country’s Department of Home Affairs said it had received only R15 million to deal with the exemption process.

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Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Wow!See how the cookie crumbles!

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Dzoserai vana mari dzavo or give them their permits, if not am coming for you basop...

Milton Mbasera 1 month ago

You Zimbabweans in South Africa its high time to come back to your senses. You are doing a big disservice to your own country by keeping yourselves in that country. Very few of you bring value to Zimbabwe back from South Africa. Those our neighbours have openly said they no longer want you there but imi moita nharo. Please come back, yes our economy is bad but we are doing better than you people there. There are so many opportunities here, come back let's farm, mine, trade in various areas such as clothing, groceries etc a d you get rewards in US dollars. Ini ndakatombewo a garden boy an Tascen village in Pretoria around Brongospruit Town but it took only 4 months for me to realise that I was not doing any good to myself. I packed my bag coming back home and my life has since changed here. So I would advise you brothers and sisters to come back home. It is true our economy and politics our our own land is not good at the moment, but still isu kuno tiki ngwava ngwava day and night zvichitofaya. Even pa ukunwa kuti ma civil servants havasi kuhora zvinogutsa, but those guys are working muzvi rounds vachitorova chibhanzi chisvinhu. At tyms it's not about the politics or economy but iwe pachako changamuka. If you have been following up with us hear, I think you are aware that there is an upsurge of Robbery cases in Zimbabwe, its all because ku emari kuno. Come back home guys let's do business together for our betterment. Bring water pumps and compressors tigochera goridhe ririmuvhu kuno muite mari maUS dollars not that rand.

sekuru waBona 1 month ago

it's the norm worldwide that one pays admin fees be it for a visa or any permit , if one's application fails either due to fradualent documents or unsubstantiated claims there is no refund. Thus it beats me why these guys are crying foul

truth be told Zimbos benefited hugely from the ZEP as many requirements were waived thus Zimbos were given many years to invest back home or upgrade their permits but alas they did nothing plus these ZEPs were on a renewable basis with the DoP not bound to renew them

kungotadza kunzwisisa apa and crying foul

Pablo 1 month ago

Many of them can't even afford a cross border funeral plan kuti zvizorerukawo kana vashayikira kunze ikoko. They must cum bek home and better their lives here. Yaa takaomerwa hedu kuno but its far much better that toiling in South Africa apa muchionekwa semba ikoko. Let those with documented Zim professionals work there kwete vamwe vose avo.

****sware 1 month ago

R1980 is nothing compared to the social services we get from our host country. Whoever thinks we are being exploited is drunk or ****. Remember we ve been staying in SA for the past 12 years. Free medication, free schooling.

Maduu 1 month ago

Ngavadzoke kumsha tizovhota tose tibatsirane kubvisa zunhu rinonzi zanuu


Thouyando 1 month ago

You paid fees for the exemption permits and you want an account of how the South African government spent that money. You as who??
What kind of madness is this from Zimbabweans?

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