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South Africa: DStv Hike Prices Effective 1 April

South Africa: DStv Hike Prices Effective 1 April

South Africa: DStv’s updated pricing for 2022 took effect yesterday, 1 April, with prices on some services increasing by 4.89%.

The average increase across DStv’s pay-TV packages is 2.7%, which MultiChoice highlighted was significantly less than projected inflation for 2022.

MultiChoice said it had considered the challenges facing South African consumers and absorbed as much of the cost increase as possible. MultiChoice South Africa’s CEO, Nyiko Shiburi, said:

We realise that customers remain under pressure two years into the Covid-19 pandemic.

These adjustments will help us to ensure that South Africans continue to enjoy the best value, and unrivalled access to entertainment, anywhere, anytime, and at the most affordable price.

DStv’s Premium and Compact Plus subscribers will pay R10 per month more from Friday — less than a 2% increase in both cases.

DStv Compact subscribers will have to fork out an additional R20 per month, an increase of 4.89%.

DStv also increased the access fee from R105 to R110 but left its Box Office, Showmax, EasyView, and Add Movies pricing unchanged.

The changes apply to DStv’s decoder and streaming-only products.

MultiChoice’s price hikes come after it restricted the number of simultaneous streams for DStv.

Since 22 March, DStv subscribers may only stream to a single device at a time. This change did not impact decoder-based viewing or Showmax.

The table below summarises DStv’s increases across its product offerings.

DStv Price Increases
Packages 2022 (today) 2021
DStv Premium R839 R829
DStv Compact Plus R549 R539
DStv Compact R429 R409
DStv Family R309 R295
DStv Access R120 R115
Add-ons 2022 (today) 2021
Access Fee R110 R105
Box Office R40 R40

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mzukuru 1 month ago

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

@Mukuru the vise-vesa is true, chibhende😂

mzukuru 1 month ago

we had moved from such luxurious life of subscribing DSTV,we have adjusted to OPV or OVD we watch vana Durban Journey ivayo naana Mlefe vedu tototi taona TV kana Mwari ada tichaonawo DSTV

Vybz Kartel 1 month ago

Dzokai ku dead bee cee

nijo 1 month ago

Dstv makuda kuti kwadza ne ZBC manje

xyyc 1 month ago



Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

The cost of living is slowly much better in SA after dudula 😂

mzukuru 1 month ago

at Jah Tsvari in SA they is high cost of living as we speak 2litres cooking oil rose from R80 to R105

Fuel is getting high pricing as well
salaries are being minimised infact SA is now expensive

a bird is R94 to covert that is 5.58usd,a live bird used to be R60

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