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South Africa: Doctor Tells Zimbabweans To Get Medical Treatment In Zimbabwe

South Africa: Doctor Tells Zimbabweans To Get Medical Treatment In Zimbabwe

Limpopo Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba confronted a Zimbabwean patient at a Bela-Bela hospital telling her that South Africa does not have the budget to accommodate foreign nationals.

Ramathuba told the woman that she should get treatment in Zimbabwe. She said in a video circulating on social media:

How do you find yourself in Bela-Bela when you are supposed to be with Mnangagwa (Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa) there? You know he doesn’t give me money to operate you guys and I’m operating you with my limited budget.

The patient responds by saying she appreciates it, but the MEC added that her department’s budget constraints are further exacerbated by the fact that Zimbabwean nationals in the country also depend on government services/facilities. She added:

When you guys are sick, I’m hearing these days you just say, ‘let’s cross Limpopo river, there is an MEC there who is running a charity department. It’s not.

There are estimated to be between 800 000 and 3 million Zimbabweans in South Africa. Zimbabweans migrated to the neighbouring country following the collapse of the economy two decades ago. The decline was mainly attributed to corruption by political elites.

Economic challenges in South Africa have, however, in recent years triggered tensions between local citizens and foreign nationals with the latter being accused of taking away public goods and services meant for local citizens.

Ramathuba’s remarks come as thousands of Zimbabweans are set to be deported at the end of this year following the termination of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits that allowed them to reside, work and learn in South Africa.

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ūüėé 3¬†months ago

If I was ED or Genarari, I would just resign coz really it's a shame to see Zimbabweans being treated like this. Zanu has just failed nxaa

gogodera 3 months ago

handiti Ramaposa akati hapana vakapfurwa muna August saka todii totiyambuka nepakayambuka naoresindet vari border jumber

nen****ondo 3 months ago

ichava n****ondo Zimbabwe yotinhwa sembongoro kubva Ku SA vachiimbiswa Route Route yaCharamba

ccc 3 months ago

mukuru ngaasiye hke

Blambi yaMdara 3 months ago

pakaipa apa kusvika rinhi tiri vekuchema

Nimrod 3 months ago

We are now a regional laughing stock

Dr Hercules 3 months ago

This time the glove is off the SA gvt normally babysits ZANU PF. From Mugabe s time he d mismanage the economy and the SA gvt wud welcome Zim citizens. This time the SA gvt says ZANU must carry its burden. ZANU must be sincere about rebuilding the economy and dealing with corruption. Gone are the day when one wud mess up the economy hoping tht his children will eat at the neighbour s house.


ūüôĄ 3¬†months ago

How l wish things would get worse in SA, especially during lifetime of people like Mbeki and Ramaphosa. NCA must experience the wrath of an angry and hungry population. The partly authoured our sufferings as Zimbabwe while praising Bhobho and now ED...there is no crisis in Zimbabwe and may these be the begining of the crisis birth pains in SA too. Vakagwadziwavo vanoziva kuti tose tode kugarawo zvakanaka and vanogoirega tsika yekupembedza vadzvanyiriri.

zii 3 months ago

Zimbabwe 's pain is self inflicted.These guys must resign

Tateguru 3 months ago

MuZimbabwe pane parere nyatwa

onewhoissent 3 months ago

some south africans have forgotten too early the apatheid era. sugar in a teaspoon is quickly spent.

Tonny G 3 months ago

Firstly, South Africa is busy looting our Mineral resources through the political elite in Zimbabwe.

nurse in australia 3 months ago

I find the analogue mismatched, she is a professional medical Dr, who swore to serve life without considering nationality, not only is she violating medical procedures but also trying to link a poor patient to something beyond his/her control, no influence at all, in addition she is ignorant and doesn't appreciate that immigrants pay taxes, hence contribute to the same budget, above all health is a human right that states are obliged to provide without discrimination, she acted worse like Dudula

Golr@ 3 months ago

Let's register to vote

Gonzo mudura 3 months ago

It's a very sad storry

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