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South Africa: Daring Thieves Rob A Police Station

South Africa: Daring Thieves Rob A Police Station

Police officers at Devon Police Station in Ekurhuleni, South Africa, were robbed of three police rifles and seven pistols, Gauteng SAPS spokesperson Colonel Athlenda Mathe has said.

Mathe said the provincial commissioner, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, has since deployed maximum resources in a bid to apprehend those who were behind the attack.

Mathe said a preliminary investigation suggested that three suspects entered the station during the early hours of Wednesday morning, under the pretence that they were reporting a hijacking incident. He said:

The suspects proceeded to disarm members on duty and made off with 10 firearms. Of those, three were rifles and seven pistols that were in the safe. Police are investigating.

Mawela and his management team visited the station, The Star reported.

The incident was not the first time police stations had been robbed in South Africa.

In September, three armed robbers attacked Grootvlei police station in the small Mpumalanga mining town near Balfour. They stole three 9mm pistols, an R5 rifle, a shotgun and about 180 rounds of ammunition.

The robbery has raised concern among South Africans and some have since taken Twitter demanding to know if citizens’ safety was guaranteed when police were victims of robbery. 

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1bhandit 1 month ago

SAPS is very weak no wonder why crime rate in Mzansi is so high.They are well resourced and still get robbe. ,edza kaCharge Office yekunyika yevhu kuno uona kuti unobuda here

bounty Hunter 1 month ago

3 robbers not easy to get kkkkk chero mukarova ma investigation . pakutoda binga dzebasa unlike in Zim where 13 robbers work together. iyo robbery hapana anobatwa I tell yu

Constable Hokoyo 1 month ago

Imagine kurobber police pacamp

Independent Observer 1 month ago

Thats why vanhu S.A vachingoita zvavanoda

Mazoe 1 month ago

You will hear someone saying it's an inside job............

Constable Hokoyo 1 month ago

Manje kuno tovarakasha munhu akafa

Constable Hokoyo 1 month ago

Umboedza uone kuti unokuvara cei.

g 1 month ago

hapana apo, mobata aniko nhai cde


Johnny Walker 1 month ago

It happened here some years back at a Norton police post the thieves were wearing police uniforms

Lion from woods 1 month ago

I bet we have a Zimbabwean amongst the three. Ndoisa mari.. If they are caught a Zimbabwean won't be missing palist

shumba 1 month ago

muno unofira mahara

penkora 1 month ago

ngavauye kumarefresher course muno vadzidziswe how to protect a Police station kwete kuita sepanight club , even at those leisure places pane security south Africa more resources half baked officers

XXX 1 month ago

We want to know if those are foreigners, lazy South Africans they know how to steal and drink booze

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