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South Africa: DA Marches To Luthuli House Over The Power Crisis

South Africa: DA Marches To Luthuli House Over The Power Crisis

John Steenhuisen, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), will lead a march to Luthuli House this Wednesday against power cuts which the party says were engineered by the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

The DA party is also marching against cadre deployment, tariff hikes, and corruption.

The party says it’s time to stop the ANC’s destruction of the country’s energy infrastructure and economy, eNCA News reported. Watch the video below for more:

South Africa has been facing a power crisis in recent years, primarily due to a lack of investment in new power generation capacity and maintenance issues at existing power plants.

The state-owned utility company, Eskom, has struggled to meet the country’s growing electricity demand and has implemented rolling blackouts, known as “load shedding,” to manage the limited supply of power.

The government has been working to address the crisis by implementing a number of measures, such as investing in renewable energy and increasing the use of independent power producers, but the problem remains ongoing.

South Africa faces at least two more years of persistent blackouts as the country’s state-owned power company recently overhauled its ageing coal-fired plants.

The crisis is viewed as a political threat to the ANC ahead of the general elections scheduled for 2024.

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Makonzo mamwechete 3 days ago

ANC yakadzidziswa ne ZANU kubvarura nyika. Come 2027 SA inenge yave mamvemve. Ndeipi nyika muAfrica yakabudirira isina murungu

magundwane haasi mbeva 3 days ago

well they are no truly successful countries in Africa even with the presence of the white white men

X 2 days ago


Hwenje 3 days ago

Isu muno muZimbabwe hatidi varungu tarisai muone kunaka kwaita nyika kubva pakayenda varungu... Nyika yave kudakadza

3 days ago

Your relatives be they father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, cousin, in-laws or grants, they fought for independence and so called democracy. The truth is there's nothing called DEMOCRACY. If democracy existed, everyone would be equal in everything including equal in age. Yes, the same birthday. Same face, same wife, same house. YES same everyone. So there is no democracy. There would be no poverty. Same number of work hours. Same salary. No boss. No landlords. No land barons. No president. No Zanu pu.

2 days ago

Drink a bit of water after taking guka

Me 3 days ago

Same with Zimbabwe,magetsi kuno
atanga futi kunetsa
Loadshedding yacho ma1 why?

pk 3 days ago

because haushandisi solar power. load shedding toiwonera pamba pako chete. chema wega

Me 3 days ago

Solar power is limited,tine ma heavy machines which require electric power.Even those marching in SA got solar systems bhangu.

Me 3 days ago

@pk unokuziva here kumba kwangu if I may ask.

Binladen 3 days ago

Which heavy machine do yu use at yr house.... Name 1

me 2 days ago

grinding mill

3 days ago

kwandiri haasi kunetsa wani


@ pk 3 days ago

Iwe pau kamoto usadaro vamwe.

3 days ago

@pk.Kwauri kwacho chero ma pole emagetsi amboriko hre

3 days ago

Try it in our motherland, you will be killed like a lice

3 days ago

kk haya

Home Of Electronics and Fabrics 3 days ago

Kwangu anoenda kana kwaita a small fault and then back within seconds

Binladen 3 days ago

Ndekupi ikoko

noblackouts 3 days ago

ini ndiri kucommercial line rine Irvines farm in Debvure Wfalls atiziv kut anoenda ,the same line connects Chitungwiza hospital

ANCYL 2 days ago

#defend_luthuli_house...our political house is nt a playground for recist movements and they ll not submit any memorandum at our reception. #not_in_name. Africa be vigilant about neo colonialism

Vesto 2 days ago

@ANCYL, South Africa is a Constitutional Democracy. Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech are recognised. Toyi-Toyi is permitted and those marching to Lithuli House will have a police escort.

Very much unlike a Teapot shaped military junta led dictatorship North of the Limpopo

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