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South Africa: COSATU Marches Over High Fuel Prices, High Cost Of Living

South Africa: COSATU Marches Over High Fuel Prices, High Cost Of Living

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) marched in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday over high fuel prices and the high cost of living.

The union says high fuel prices and the high cost of living are suffocating workers and called for government intervention.

The union says workers are most affected as wages have not been increased despite the high cost of living.

Meanwhile, Parliament held a debate on South Africa’s record petrol price increases focusing on the country’s record petrol price hikes, and possible interventions to structurally change how the basic fuel price is calculated.

The debate followed the request by the Democratic Alliance (DA which called for an R6 slash in fuel price.

DA leader, John Steenhuisen said the party wants more than an R6 slash (33%) in tax and levies from every litre of fuel.

Steenhuisen says it can be done if the government acts tough on corruption.

Fuel prices went up at the beginning of June. The price of 95-octane unleaded petrol rose by R2.33 a litre to R21.92 ($1.37), while 93-octane unleaded petrol went up by R2.43 a litre to R21.63 ($1.35).  This is still less than diesel price (US$1.76) and petrol (Blend – E15) (US$1.73) prices in Zimbabwe as per the latest review by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA).

Increases were smaller than feared after National Treasury granted an extension of the reduction of the general fuel levy. 

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Imwe Mbeu 2 weeks ago

😅 and guess how much a gallon (3.785 ltrs) of petrol is going for in America? $10 USD. That's $3.33 more than yedu

Apathy the Psycho 2 weeks ago

It's getting expensive for serial killers to burn bodies. No wonder they just dump them. It's good for the ecosystem though

Zulu 2 weeks ago

Welcome to our struggle

ppp 2 weeks ago

kkkkkk hanzi takuvara nenhamo

getto yutti 2 weeks ago

takwara ne nhamo

Tio4 2 weeks ago

Meawhile in Zimbabwe, if you protest over high prices of fuel and costvof living, you risk being labeled enemies of the state , puppets of the west. Vanhu vasingade nyika yavo.


totito 2 weeks ago

In SA unleaded petrol = $1.37 while in Zimbabwe molasses petrol is $1.73. Cosatu has gone into the street over this rise, ko muZimbabwe ke?#!+;

ZRP 2 weeks ago

This time uri kupa m a m a wait for your timing bomb. Apa bhutsu dzapera mangivawo vanhu

ZRP 2 weeks ago

Enda hako mu street
Tosangana ikweyo

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