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South Africa Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update: 04 February 2022

South Africa Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update: 04 February 2022

Here is South Africa’s Coronavirus/ COVID-19 Situation Report or Update issued by the Department of Health RSA on 04 February 2022:

New Cases recorded: 2 782

Tests Conducted: 22 405 375

Province Confirmed Cases Deaths (New) Recoveries (Rate) Active cases Vaccines Administered
GAUTENG 1 172 641 20 478 1 142 693 9 470
NORTHERN CAPE 107 305 2 520 98 263 6 522
WESTERN CAPE 630 181 21 547 605 359 3275
NORTHWEST 186 993 4 475 178 306 3 212
FREE STATE 197 619 7 429 186 132 4 058
EASTERN CAPE 341 475 16 345 323 561 1 569
LIMPOPO 151 952 4 304 144 930 2 718
MPUMALANGA 186 360 2 813 181 066 2 481
KWAZULU-NATAL 644 327 15 855 612 810 15 662
TOTALS 3 618 853 95 766 (221) 3 473 120 (96.0%) 49 967 30 167 525

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Soul jah love 3 months ago

Get away iwe Tkt nechirungu chako chakadakwa plus netuma theories twako twevaroyi ma China.Get away mpfana

" 3 months ago

Tkt une basa wo raunoita here or unoswera pano papindula uchinyora zvisna musoro. ED waunoda wakambomuudzawo here zvekutambura kwako urikunhuhwa nhamo zvrikuhwikwa nepano papindula

Tkt 3 months ago

@SoulJahLuv--- handi taure neva shakabvu + i earlier on diagnosed you with ccc-illness yekusa verenga,

this is not a theory my brother but reality, i'm not friends with China neither do i fight with it.

on that matter, i'm actually saying the disease was manufactured by the CHINESE using that Intelligence as by that time till now its ONLY Chinese scientist that can use the programme the last time i checked

at that moment she was and is stilk fighting with the USA an ECONOMIC WAR, alas the thing quickly spread out of the lab b4 finally programmed on the boundaries to which it must affect or should i say the couldn't find a way to isolate its effectiveness towards a certain race

as we speak, the learned gentlemen are busy since the onset trying to,manufacture another virua that will consume the one in place but with some added properties of the parent virus that it may be able to save their intersts like ACTIVATE & DEACTIVATE

China is concentrating on VIROLOGY, N.Korea on BALLISTIC WEAPONS both these are weapons of mass distruction aimed to US, to bring her down and all those that ass-lick her

sezvino garo taugwa naBUSH_LAWYER
iwe sarudza pako paunoda kumira wosticker zvachose ipapo
ini ndomira paZANU-PF neZIMBABWE yababa vangu

Tkt 3 months ago








It is used for Gene Editing thus the reason why new variants keep on surface each you take a sigh of relief after another variant is because the GENES of Covid are so made and designed to respond adversely on anything that attempts to delete or subcede its existance

muchiSHONA ndiri kuti CRISPR ndiyo yaka shandiswa kuEditor maGENES emaold FLUE-VIRUSES amuno ziva nembiri aya so that anp reaactor in a manner pre-programmed, that's why COVID iri kuita maWaves up and Down,

to read more find this atticle

China's Biological Capabilities

cano farira BIOLOGY mucha nzwisisa henyu

ndipo unonzwa humwe hunozviti ZODOK CHIPONYA huchi mama kuti hee chamosa to represent you, me & us all kkkk ko ED haasi kuku mirira hr

Z💛D💛CK CHIKAP💛NYA 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 3 months ago

Bhoo wani iwewe na ED wako inini na Chamisa wangu. Chandoda kubudirira kweZim, as long uchinzwisisa vision ya leader wako bhooo.

Z💛D💛CK CHIKAP💛NYA 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 3 months ago

Chamisa inenge mvura ya Mwari inonayira wese anomuda ne asingamudi, akarima ne asina, mutadzi ne mutsvene.

Kusada kwako Chamisa hakumutadzise kukumiririra kuti ukwanise kuwana kurarama kwakakukodzera.

Arikuita zvose nesimba rake kuti ramangwana rako neni rive rakajeka, ramangwana revana vako rivewo rakajeka zvekare.

Kumuda kana kusamuda Chamisa hakusi kuzomutadzisa kuunza budiriro munyika ye Zimbabwe.

Whether urimu MDC, mu Zanu or whoever you are, you are always going to enjoy the fruits of prosperity that are banked within our Party (CCC). Kuzvida or kusazvida CCC 🌀 is the wave of change for the best...

Chamisa My President,
Chamisa Your President,
Chamisa Our President.☝️💛☝️

CCC My Party,
CCC Your Party,
CCC Our Party. ☝️💛☝️

We are a united party
We are a united front
We are united Citizens.☝️💛☝️

Saka 2023 Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana.

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