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South Africa: Comair Flights Suspended Indefinitely

South Africa: Comair Flights Suspended Indefinitely

South Africa’s Civil Aviation Authority has announced that Comair flights have been suspended indefinitely.

This follows Saturday’s temporary suspension of Comair’s Kulula and British Airways flights after engine failures in a space of two months. 

The authority says their findings mean there is an immediate risk to safety and security.

Passengers at OR Tambo International have been left frustrated by the Civil Aviation Authority’s grounding of flights.

eNCA reports that there is chaos at OR Tambo following the indefinite suspension of flights.

The Civil Aviation Authority indicated in a statement that it is not satisfied by documentation provided by Comair when it comes to safety precautions taken by the airline.

A passenger who identified himself as Mike criticised the Civil Aviation Authority for not giving warnings to the airline to avoid inconveniencing travellers. He told eNCA:

They knew this problem from a long time ago. They were supposed to give them time so that they can also inform their travellers. 

He said the airline should have been given ample time to fix its issues. He recommended taking travellers to othe

More: eNCA

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Hello 5 months ago

Pamberi naChamisa...CAA yenyu haina basa iyo....CCC chete

Tech Zim 5 months ago

Dear readers please comment responsibily. We are by law instructed to report and disclose all comments that goes against our policy

Mboko 5 months ago

@Tech Zim, I have read your reminder which you issued to your readers earlier today - regarding the duty to act responsibly on the comments section. However, your reminder is silent on the specific "offences" that are regarded "reportable irregularities". For the convenience of your readers, may I suggest that you publish your policy document (on this platform) so that your readers become aware of its specific contents. Alternatively, you may post a summary of key issues in respect of prohibited comments and / or behaviour. I await your response. Kind regards ! MBOKO (Mr).

Captain Jack Sparrow 5 months ago

So where is freedom of expression then? Which law are you referring to? I am free to air out my views ...usade kuchityidzira vanhu ziD U Z V I

Hello 5 months ago

Kkkl Kkkl Kkkl KKK

Hezvoko 5 months ago

Toda nyaya dzemuno isu. tiisire tinzwe kuti the 3 musketeers : Douggie,Mudzuri, Komichi, Mpariwa how far ne star rally ku Zimbabwe grounds uko

Artwell 5 months ago

unprofessional vanofana kutanga vataurira vanhu

Pfomfviro 5 months ago

Ko pindula beitbridge ccc rally how far tanzwa nemoyo zvakamirasei ikoko

Night Shift 5 months ago

Taura hako. Toda kuziva zvirikuitika mu Zimbabwe kekutanga: ku Zimbabwe grounds neku beitbridge. kana kunerimwe baton rine rally futi we want to know yesterday, if possible


Vybz Kartel 5 months ago


Noma aka Matshuma 5 months ago

Noma aka Matshuma 0 minutes ago
Vybz Kartel@ siya nhema vanhu vanga vakawanda semazuva ose uku kuRudhaka

Skllz 5 months ago

Your party not ours

Noma aka Matshuma 5 months ago

Vybz Kartel@ siya nhema vanha vanga vakawanda semazuva ose uku kuRudhaka stadium

CCC for life
Register to vote ñ vote

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Mpfanha @Skllz usanditsome. Ndosaka chiBush party (CCC) chako chakatadza kuita unlawful gathering yacho kuMarondera nezuro due to poor attendance - approximately 30 confused CCC supporters were at Rudhakwa stadium.

Jorijo 5 months ago

Iwe Jakuspare msoro wako wakaoma sedamba

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