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South Africa: 21-Year-Old Zimbabwean Jailed 13 Years For Robbery

South Africa: 21-Year-Old Zimbabwean Jailed 13 Years For Robbery

A 21-year-old Zimbabwean man has been jailed for an effective 13 years for robbing a shopkeeper in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Carlos Mhlanga who was arrested in July last year was sent to prison on Friday following a full trial at the Johannesburg Magistrates Court.

He was brought to court charged for aggravated robbery and was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

Johannesburg police spokesperson, Captain Xoli Mbele confirmed that Mhlanga had been convicted due to diligence on the part of the investigating officers. Said Cpt Mbele:

The accused and two of his accomplices robbed Clifford Boutique Clothing Shop at the corner of Bree and Polly Streets on July 13 last year at around 5 pm.

The trio entered the shop pretending to be customers and later pointed a cashier with firearms, before taking an undisclosed amount of money from the till.

They also searched him and took his cell phone, after which they fled from the scene in different directions.

He said the cashier followed one of the suspects while screaming for help and a taxi queue marshal came to his rescue and apprehended the man.

The marshal then recovered the firearm, live ammunition, and the complainant’s cellphone.

Mbele added that the sentence was meant to scare away would-be offenders from committing a similar crime. 

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Ennie Kindon 6 months ago

Criminals must be dealt accordingly to their deeds ,sometimes we just heard about theft crime don't think that's all he did.Maybe this guy was also a murder or rapist such people are capable of doing anything yes he deserves it

Happy 6 months ago

see them judging🤗😢

MuGrade 2 6 months ago

Ichokwadi ipapo

Nyamuteyi Takateya 6 months ago

Uyo akuvarira kuve mwana we🐊 chete ...veikoko havasungwe kungodai dai votonzi remand out of custody hee lawyer zvotovharana zvakadaro

Gaffer 6 months ago

South Africans don't do robbery... it's a Zimbabwean thing...they focus on other crimes buh not robbery.. robbery is for e poor n hungry Zimbos...

Tosh 6 months ago

Ko zvazvadii futh ma Zimbabwean soo

chibaba 6 months ago

Hamunyepi bvunzai mp akatozokumbira ruregerero kuscotland

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