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Son Of Former VP Mphoko Urges Zimbabweans To Vote For ZANU PF

Son Of Former VP Mphoko Urges Zimbabweans To Vote For ZANU PF

Siqokoqela Mphoko, the son of former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, has urged Zimbabweans to vote for the ruling ZANU PF in the harmonised elections scheduled for this year. 

In a series of Twitter posts seen by Pindula News, Mphoko equated voting for ZANU PF to voting for peace, economic freedom and  unity. We present the thread under #VoteZanuPf:

Zimbabweans there’s nothing in this world that’s better than having peace, unity God’s grace, political and economic freedom. If we learn to tolerate one another, disagree with one another, respect one another views, be patriotic and learn to respect our leaders.

People in Byo, if you want to see proper services delivered in your city, then vote for individuals who can deliver on their mandates. Stop voting on tribal grounds or for deadwood councillors without merit for it leads Byo nowhere. Zw is United, not Divided.

Since Zim became independent, there’s only been one ZanuPf. Since MDC was formed, I have lost count of how many times its top ten have split that party into pizza slices. Today it’s the CCC. After they lose elections it will be CCC-N, CCC-B, CCC-N, CCC-C.

Siqokoqela Mphoko, an entrepreneur, and non-executive director of Choppies Zimbabwe, was in the news in September last year when he was arrested and charged with raping his 12-year-old niece.

He escaped from lawful custody but later surrendered himself to the police saying “ran away from the police station because I felt that there was no fairness in my case. I felt that things were not done properly and I felt that there was a hand behind it that is not Government. I believe in the judiciary system, so now I’m on my way to Hillside Police Station to hand myself in as we speak.”

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chinondidya chii 1 month ago

he wants to be protected from his shenanigans

Herculy 1 month ago

Let's talk about rape charges were the charges dropped on not. Mphoko should focus on his rape charges and clear his name first. People will decide wht they want

1 month ago

Stupid ****.He now wants protection from zanu.Bastard rapist.nxaa.

Führer 1 month ago

Wataura chokwadi but the wheels of Justice will still roll there is no safe heaven for criminals regardless of political affiliation.

o'brien 1 month ago

@Fuhrer u have jus jotted a short text but with a handful of maturity and sense. Fact buddy.

1 month ago

Criminals 4eD, rapists 4eD

Totito 1 month ago

Ndiye ane vabereki vayigara mu hotel on tax payers money. Another makwiravana.

1 month ago

Ehee They stayed muSheraton presidential suite for over two years just imagine

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Mese nevaurikutsigira vacho muri 6-9 makangofanana. Manyengavana


zelensky 1 month ago


1 month ago


Wiseman 1 month ago

Birds of a feather fly together, Rapists share notes.

Mr Green 🥦 1 month ago

hatiteerere ma rapist isu.

Oppressed 1 month ago

CCC led by Chamisa is now one our only hope.

1 month ago

vhotera ZANU kuvhara Hondo

Patriot 1 month ago

if u can't beat them join them. Vamwe varikutowana ma stands, minda ma claims ema gold mines nemamwe ma gap hobho iwe uchingoti ndakamaka Zanu pf. CCC kana yatogonesesa chainokupai ma T Shirts bedzi nguva ichitofamba muchifa muri marombe. You loose nothing if u supports Zanu pf and be involved in it's programs, infact unotopinda machena. Assuming kuti CCC yazopinda kunyange isingapinde zvayo , hapana gvt ya Chamisa painoti vanga vari ku Zanu pf mirai uko then CCC mirai uko. Ma gvt policies of the day anongobata munhu wese zvakafanana kunyange ma sanctions acho akanzi abviswa. If u read the Bible ma Israelites vakanzi roorai nekuvaka Misha ku Babylon bcoz vanga vatemerwa 70 years na Mwari vari ku exile through prophet Jeremiah. Saka parizvino Zanu pf ndiyo irikutonga chitokwanawo muma programs ayo kana uri munhu ane njere , zvinotokurerutsira hupenyu hama yangu.

CCC for LIFE 1 month ago

Hauna kukwana iwe mbavha. Supporting looters woti wagonei. Man'a ako.

1 month ago

Hama yako ndiyani iwe @Patriot?

1 month ago

@Patriot you are a f.o.ol an embicile, a hair brained fo.ol, someone who is jyst an i.d.iot. a wrong is a wrong iwe just because you get some crumbs you now support that party zpf where is your conscience when the majority are suffering and iwe urikufara shame on you.

chete chete 1 month ago

ungat ndingakwana pai pama rombe e zanu

Cid 1 month ago

tsek uri mboko sezita rako,,makaba kudhara nxaa

Crocodile 1 month ago

@Patroit Aah kuwana mamines api ko achizobude zvicherwa zvacho zvazviri kuenda kuChina wani vana veZimbabwe vachitambudzika hawuna nyaya iwe varikungovhotera Zanu asi vachifa nenzara kwana iwe patriot yenhema

1 month ago

Manyengavana Part 2 His rape is now closed

1 month ago

*rape case

mlambo naume 1 month ago

marapist munonetsa

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

After using ZanuPf rigalia to open a chain of Choppies chopping the Nation then you come up with idea to use Zapu for the same 🤔


He should clear his name first.

naume mlambo 1 month ago

nhy pindula inemagrp here

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

@Naume Mlambo, uri kuda group rei ? Study group here ? Mtoriro group here ? WhatsApp group here ?

naume mlambo 1 month ago

vybs Kartel: ndrikuda rema novel eshona

Vaye vaye 1 month ago

What can we expect from someone trying to protect his loot and singing for his supper

Twabam 1 month ago

You guys you are not getting one thing here....This guy is not on the side of the ZANU per-see..He is fighting them chamuhwande hwande.... He is saying vote for ZANU if you want other words if you don't you suffer violence and all sorts of bad things...Probably the reason why he was faced with rape chargers is because of the ZANU guys.scrutinize this thing t****ughly.

Ashley Scott 1 month ago

haiwawo msoro bhangu we can't listen to you baba vakadzingwa kuzanu nonsense hogwash ivhotere iwe nababako rubish I will vote for Nero iwe voterq garwe rako wega stop telling us nonsense dunderhead go hang Mr rapist amugone kutaurirana nevakadzi idhiyoti old man basa kurepa xaa you are so disgusting

1 month ago

He is singing for his supper. Kuda kuto asavharirwe mujeri nenyaya dze rape. U will face justice one way or the other

Babalao 1 month ago


Vesto 1 month ago

His only claim to fame is that he is his father's son.

Being in the silly season (election year), any imbecile, nitwit, dimwit, halfwit, lunatic, can get their 5seconds to fame by defecting to ZANU (even if they have supported ZANU for all their lives) and report the same to The Herald.

shumba mhonda 1 month ago

ko ungatii iyo Mari yamakaba nababa vako yakupera

XXX 1 month ago

Get away Mpokho urimboko zvedi , pamakadya pakakwana.

1 month ago

Mboko imboko

1 month ago

From 1987 to 2000 it was zanu in Bulawayo. If it was good why then do people change. Bro Binya sitshele

Holly holly 1 month ago

Hahaha,aihwawo singing for his super bambo

lamboos naume 1 month ago

maswera cy. pindula tipeiwo weather

Pindura 1 month ago

@lamboos naume we don't have data today but kune weather tomorrow.

l 1 month ago


yc 2 weeks ago

true peace freedom and unity

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