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Son Graduates On Mum's Behalf... She Died Exactly 3 Months Before Her Graduation

Son Graduates On Mum's Behalf... She Died Exactly 3 Months Before Her Graduation

A 23-year-old man got capped at the Midlands State University on Friday by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on behalf of his mother who died in September this year.

Brian Banda’s mother, Patricia Banda, was graduating posthumously with a first-class degree in Bachelor of Commerce Information Systems Management.

MSU Chaplain Reverend Menson Mpofu requested for a moment of silence to remember Banda. He said:

Let us take a minute of silence as we observe one of our own, Mrs Patricia Banda, who died on September 2. She was supposed to graduate with others today. May her soul rest in peace.

When his mother’s name was called for capping by President Mnangagwa, Brian walked to the podium with his mother’s gown and cap in hand and was capped on his late mother’s behalf.

In an interview with State media later, Brian said the day was an emotional one for the family. He said:

I am still in pain. It could have been my mum’s big day today, celebrating with others the fruits of her hard work but God had other plans, she is no more and I am here standing in for her.

I left my father (Simbarashe Banda) and the other family members at home. Dad actually said he can’t be here because of emotions but I decided to come and stand in for my mother.

Brian is a university student who is pursuing an Accounting degree at Great Zimbabwe University.

He vowed to continue with his studies until he attains a professorship as a tribute to his mother.

Brian said his mother died following a short illness at the age of 38.

She is survived by her husband and three children. | Chronicle

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VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

So the late Patricia Banda became a mother at the age of 15 !?

wozel 2 months ago


👤 2 months ago

you so heartless iwe @ so called Vybz it shows you such a big dimwit

ED pfee 2 months ago

Ndo zvinoita vana vepfambi, vanongomhanya kufunga zvisina musoro. Vybes ndati mai vako ipfambi

VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago

Kuti wagova Fadzai Mahere here

Anarchist 2 months ago

Ndozvawatanga kutsvaga here

Fakayonke Mkwenyana 2 months ago

i heard Brian is not the first born 😂😂

gora 2 months ago

ndizvozvo zvakarongeka wanii

Sir Zimbabwe 2 months ago

So sad 😪 and painful

2 months ago

Yaa some people are so heartless So what if she became a mother at 15? MHDSRIP

cc 2 months ago

are you serious. if so then you are are a it's not allowed

2 months ago

That's not the issue at hand We are talking about a berievement here and let's leave zvimwe izvi for some other time Saka wanga uchida kuti murume wacho asungwe here zvauri kuti it's not allowed

popo 2 months ago

English baba😂😂


VYBZ KARTEL 2 months ago


Dofo 2 months ago

Vybz aita sei apa angobvunza bedzi

2 months ago

Arikubvunza ani? Iye aita macalculations akazviwona was he doubting his mathematics?

native 2 months ago

mese muri kunetsana about this issue ma ga dziko enyu matema

2 months ago

Ako iwe akachenuruka nekusazorwa mafuta

WTF 2 months ago

Actually akamitiswa aine 14 years dzekuberekwa

Voltz JT 2 months ago


chibadura jnr 2 months ago

okay mose muri correct including vibes

Mbiti 2 months ago

apa hakuna kana zesa even vat busy nezvisina basa

mbwaaa 2 months ago

busy nezvisina basa ko magetsi ne vat

ichoo 2 months ago

busy nezvisina basa ko magetsi ne vat

2 months ago

so sad😭

ZRP Mkulumani 2 months ago

Vibz are you Sure???

y 2 months ago


2 months ago

Rest easy mummy....

Tintin 2 months ago

what a mama's boy

2 months ago

She was my classmate kuhigh school. Chaiva chitofu cheAccounting, chitofu. May her soul rest easy.

observer 2 months ago

Patricia is 38 years her sone is 23 so akaita mwana aine 15 years rest in peace mam

ndanzwa nema reports kuZPCS nxaaaa 2 months ago

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