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Somizi Blocked From Attending Red Carpet Event In Harare

Somizi Blocked From Attending Red Carpet Event In Harare

The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) wrote a letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, asking him to block South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo from officiating at a restaurant in Harare.

Somizi, who is gay, was set to host the Garwe Restuarant VIP reopening in the capital this afternoon at a cost of R250 000 but organisers of the event bowed to pressure from local groups to drop him.

ACCZ said it was vehemently opposed to Somizi attending the event as Zimbabwe’s constitution doesn’t tolerate homosexuality. The church grouping said:

We represent indigenous churches in Zimbabwe and are strongly rooted in our culture and support our revolutionary party.

It is after we saw an article in our leading paper “Sunday Mail, 31 October edition” that a South African well known gay, Somizi Mhlongo “Somiz” is coming to Zimbabwe to grace the reopening of Garwe Restaurant on the 4 of November 2021.

The church is strongly against such an event in the sense that Somizi is a homosexual, hence according to our People’s driven Constitution, Zimbabwe doesn’t tolerate homosexuality.

The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe warned that that Somizi’s attendance would cost ZANU PF votes in the 2023 elections. It said:

It is therefore our question if we allow Somizi to come to our land, spiritually we would have been disturbed a lot, and physically we would have openly accepted homosexuality in Zimbabwe hence affecting our children.

This move will also affect our revolutionary party ZANU PF by disturbing the 5 million votes win needed in the next 2023 harmonized elections for it is publicly known that our party strongly stands against homosexuality.

ACCZ said it was planning to hold a peaceful demonstration at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport upon Somizi’s arrival as well as at the restaurant.

In most African countries, homosexuality is considered “un-African” and a deviant Western ideology.

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Turbo B 6 months ago

A sin is a sin it doesn't need a rocket scientist to tell you that 💯 if it was your own son would you publicize it to the community let alone the whole world kkkkkkkkk Anyhow a thief will always defend a colleague kkķkkkk

Nomaspain 6 months ago

Who are we to judge?

Mumu 6 months ago

Ah-ah-ah takati izvozvo hatidi

Margaret ngulube 6 months ago

let him in
who re we to judge him he is better than those who are doing it secret to those churc member revisit the bible
and ready the vets of a woman who was about to be stoned when they brought her to Jesus what did he said so do not judge cause you have sinned more than him to other

Lee 6 months ago

Read 2 Corinthians 6vs14-17

T 6 months ago

Chokwadi ngavamusiye apinde paanenge abvumigwa kwete paanzi asapinda otherwise anozosiya adzidzisa vamwe kuti unogona kuramba zvakatagwa namwari kkkkkkk


T.O.G 6 months ago

No to that

Noma 6 months ago


Tino 6 months ago


Thando 6 months ago

Block this gay.its unbiblical ,satanic,we don't accept that in Zim, Africa.

Archford 6 months ago

Ngavamusiye apinde anebasa reyi

shewe 6 months ago

#Ngaapinde hake Somizi kkkkk

Sir 6 months ago


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