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Somizi Accuses Garwe Restaurant Of Insincerity

Somizi Accuses Garwe Restaurant Of Insincerity

South African celebrity cook-off star Somizi Mhlongo on Thursday responded to the ZANU PF youth’s threat to mobilise against him if he graced the reopening of Garwe Restaurant because of his homosexual disposition.

The restaurant owners succumbed to public pressure after ZANU PF youths and some churches questioned the Government for allowing Garwe Restaurant to bring in an openly homosexual person to Zimbabwe.

In a video on Facebook, the socialite revealed how the Garwe Restaurant failed to make things clear when they booked him to grace the reopening of the restaurant. He said:

Everything was done properly, they had made the payments and they started saying no because I haven’t posted about the event and said they want their refund and want to cancel it but something felt offish.

Mhlongo said the Garwe Restaurant officials did not give a valid reason why they had cancelled him for the occasion.

He said they used the issue of not posting this event on his social media handles as a reason to cancel him off, based on his sexuality. Said Mhlongo:

When they came to me and said we want to cancel because you did not post, and I told them but I explained to you that I did not have Instagram. Anything that I post on Instagram it’s an advert for them.

I am not their marketing person. I am not a promoter of marketing, but I do it because I want to.

You have been stopped from Zimbabwe because some Catholic whatever and some are saying ZANU PF, there are a whole lot of issues but the truth is in Zimbabwe they do not want me to come based on my sexuality, they have made it clear.

Somizi likened homophobia with xenophobia and later on highlighted that it is no different to racism. He said:

What you are doing being homophobic is not different from anyone who is xenophobic and racist, there is no difference.


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Pasi nengito 6 months ago

Somiz ,i hate u so much. Are you a he or a she. Burn the chichi. God did not promote homosexuality. He went by himself to destroy Sodom and Gomora.

Los KAV-HIN 6 months ago

This fellow is nuts😆😆

Coming soon 6 months ago

I have been in prison for 6yrs pliz stop chongochani in Zimbabwe prison officers fight hard to stop this only to be letdown by the courts who give poultry sentence to offenders of Chongochani anyone who has been to prison knows this Chirambadare mutimurefu prison officer tried hard to stop this nonsense only to become a victim of fighting against these so called ngochani vakawandisa muno mazivanhu ivava outside in the free world tinoziba vane Mari zhinji chaiko varikuzviita kwanzi mishonga yemari Stop this nonsense now zimbabwe or lose it.

Shylencia 6 months ago

Uyu gagare ikok gochanhi ikok not kuno no

Shylencia 6 months ago

This gyz was so quiet

J 6 months ago

The funny thing is we actually have NGO's in our country promoting and standing up for this shit, They should burn.BURN I SAY

Tafadzwa C 6 months ago

Gara are a bad influence to our youths


jo 6 months ago

No to ngito

Bko 6 months ago

Haiwa hatidi ngochani muno

0123456789 6 months ago

Even mumba mako mwanasikana wako ikawa pfambi u wont allow your son to marry hure.....ngochani kunyika kwayo...wht so special about him....ngochani shut up ngochani

sandile 6 months ago

Asi unoti hadzimo nhai?????

Thando 6 months ago

We can't tolerate or accept that rubbish we better use our local musicians

Elyse 6 months ago

As a Zimbabwean no artist/performer can better jah praryzah , from outside this country

jombo 6 months ago

Kkkkk they are far from being compared to mzansi celebrities though

kuhle 6 months ago

U should not come to Zimbabwe that's how people behave this side..... If u don't support what someone loves then they want You dead....Even in politics kuChurch kana kumabasa chaiko.....We lack tolerance

chibaba 6 months ago

Unopenga iwe gara ikoko

Dr Huni 6 months ago


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