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"Sometimes I See Visions", Sirizani Butau Says He Needs Time To Heal

Sizirani Butau, the Kadoma truck driver who risked his life while saving the victims of an accident that occurred near Mutare on Christman Eve says he is experiencing psychological trauma as he recovers at Queen Mary Hospital.

Butau became an instant national hero after he rescued eight people from an inferno following a head-on collision involving a speeding bus and a truck a few kilometres outside Mutare on 24 December 2021.

He, however, sustained serious burns while retrieving people who were trapped in the bus which caught fire following the collision.

Speaking to ZBC News, Butau said he was grateful to the nation for donating funds towards his medical bills. He said:

I am still in shock, I still need time to heal. My body sometimes shakes and I sometimes see the visions. I am suffering more psychologically.

For the bills, I am grateful to the nation. I was accepted here at Queen Mary Hospital. When I went to Harare for assessment, Mars offered an ambulance I am thankful.

Doctors estimate that Butau might take up to three months to fully recover as he sustained 30 per cent burns.

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😴 7 months ago

God bless Me Butau. Blessed love man.

CMS 7 months ago

Kkkkkk hanzi nacho chirungu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tatso 7 months ago


Mike😲 7 months ago

Nacho chirungu🤣🤣🤣

Gafa fut 7 months ago

Akanyanya Butau

MuGrade 2 7 months ago

You got my respect 💪

Conquering 🦁 7 months ago


Bright 7 months ago

Ummm uyu akatonyanyisa uyu anofanura kupinda mu nhoroondo yepasi pose even national hero kana 🔥 brigade ahisvike APA kpinda mumoto imi ndopaunoona vanhu vasina basa vachipiwa ma award ehushingi amhno kti hushingi hupi hwacho hwakadarija this guy

Zodoc Chikaponya 7 months ago

🤣🤣 kungoimba svisong sve hondo watopinda pa heroes kuchisiwa vanhu kwavo ava ngaatopiwa medal mufesi uyu. I salute you Mr Butau

Truth boy 7 months ago

Wakanyanya Butau mwari vakurwire ukasike kupora

M power 7 months ago

Murume uyu akanyanga fashoma vanhu who reach this extend mwari akapindira apa wish speed recovery to this hero


MaFyt 7 months ago

Hang bro, soon you'll be fine

Gogodera 7 months ago

Mwari ngavawedzere hutano nekukuropafadzi makarwira vamwe vashoma vanozviiita vafundisi vanotoraper vauya kuzobatsirwa chef voraper vane 14 years

Ben10 7 months ago

This ass-hole aive achafira mahara nekuda humonya kupisika nenyoka unorumwa. Kutamba nemoto kuita mutserendende pareza chaipoo..

Godaz 7 months ago

,🤣🤣kwai this ass hole,guyz musadaro,murume uyu akabatsira zvikuru yu never know pamwe paitovewo nehama yko ipapo.just be grateful for what he did

T 7 months ago

You should shut your face if you got nothing meaning to say. The fact that he contributed by saving lives in society, something you'll never be able to do your whole life, should be something that should shut your unnecessary comments.

Tatmav 7 months ago

True hero wish yu a speedy recovery

Tatmav 7 months ago

True hero wish him a speedy recovery

Tau Sengera 7 months ago

True hero , will forever be remembered

Ndatya 7 months ago

Guys if yu do not have something meaningful to còment please guys its much better to focus on your own life because some comments here it shows how evil you are

Cobra King 7 months ago

I think its high time for Pindula to use the blue box to punish everyone who doesn't know what to comment. Pliz know that you can be traced. Thus why pindula freedata news is for econet lines users. They know you, your location using GPS codes and the booster you are connected. Pliz technology is not a fool. We know you. Time to hunt you will come. Stop, before you regret.

Yours Info intel.

Nimrod mandishona 7 months ago

Ben10 wanyepa pawati pindula fredata ikushandiswa neitel and tecno,,no wanyepera vanhu.ryt now ndiripo pa pindula ne Samsung galaxy Ao2

MuGrade 2 7 months ago

@Cobra King,I understand you my guy,though u can be treated as a cyber bully..u can go to Facebook where we use our names,pics n lot of info is there,buh none does or say like u do.Cyber bullying is a crime..if a certain participant isn't contributing wat u like, just ignore e comment..If u didn't know, econet doesn't just give away clients'info easily,you can ask Zrp.

Ben10 7 months ago

@MBOKO I think most of the people who are using this platform they don't know what is so-shoo-mida. I can say what ever I want hazvinei nemunhu izvo ndozvandinenge ndichidawoo ku commenter ndichitauraa... Problem they are all poor they only use this free platform. Hamhuzive muri mabharanzi munoshandisa econet line netecno or itel phone ndochete zvinopa free news.. I am using it, itel for my kids which they use for the school work. The other big phone doesn't get that free news.

Zman 7 months ago

Salute my brother everything is gonna be alright

The Accountant 7 months ago

Your IP ADDRESS(INTERNET PROTOCOL) the fact that you using this website ( you can be tracked.

MuGrade 2 7 months ago

Tracking for what reasons??so you think pindula will worst time about ppl who use vulgar language?? vulgar language is used mostly by hwindis,vendors n e likes..this is not a classroom where a pupil can b beaten up for using vulgar.. Adults use vulgar.. this isn't a platform for a church or for cabinet ministers buh povo... Don't waste your energy trying to control social media.. some of us have bn on social media for 12yrs

🤠 7 months ago

My brother you can be apprehended, remember you are using a registered line, a handset with an IMEI, GPS and so forth, so easy to track youğŸ“±ğŸ’»ğŸ§‘â€ğŸŽ“ 7 months ago

@Cobra King... How can they trace someone... I can write any 10 digits pa phone number apo then vondibata sei booster ne phone number zvisiri kupindirana

Advocate 7 months ago

Mwari ngaakuropafadzei vaButau
Makarwa kurwa kwakanaka

Cathrine munzwa 7 months ago

Ndinoti Mwari ngavasunungure pese pakasungwa nyama dzake dzemuviri ngavapore mwana uyu akatikoshera nyika yese tinotenda

SIRIZANI BATAU 7 months ago

Thank you all for your words of encouragement, you're God-sent. I am still on the mend as already alluded in the above Pindula article. My condition is improving with each day...thank you once again. Till we meet.

Jordan Zemura 7 months ago

God is in control ....well soon Mr Butau

Yashmark 7 months ago

God bless you Mr batau
Makanyanya, hushingi hwenyu ndahudawo ini😍😍😍

🤨🤨 7 months ago

Kkkkkkk hanziii ki chakauya ne ship ka ichi

Chihelele m 7 months ago

Wish you speed recovery Mr Butau may God bless you 🙏🙏

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