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Soldiers Assault Villagers In Chegutu

Soldiers Assault Villagers In Chegutu

Villagers who live near the Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo Airbase in Chegutu claim they were assaulted by soldiers on Tuesday.

The soldiers were reportedly searching for a MuShurugwi (machete gangster) who had assaulted their colleague.

The assaulted villagers reportedly sustained injuries on their faces, heads, legs and hands.

According to a medical report in possession of NewsDay, some of the assault victims received medical attention at Chegutu General Hospital.

Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) spokesperson Squadron leader Donovan Muroyiwa told NewsDay that an investigation had already been launched to establish the truthfulness of the claims.

Villagers told the publication that the soldiers, who were armed with guns and knobkerries, stormed the village around 11 PM.

The soldiers were making inquiries on the whereabouts of a machete gangster who had allegedly fought their colleague.

They allegedly stormed a homestead where villagers were attending a funeral and harassed mourners. Said a villager:

They were beating everyone who professed ignorance of the whereabouts of the alleged gangster.

It was around 11 pm when a loud bang at the door woke me up. At first, I thought they were thieves until I saw soldiers clad in uniform. They accused us of hiding their suspect.

Another villager claimed to have witnessed an altercation between the soldier and the man over a woman earlier in the day. Said the villager:

I saw two truckloads of soldiers, who were dropping off at various homesteads, interrogating and assaulting villagers over the whereabouts of a man who injured a soldier with a knife.

I witnessed the altercation between the soldier and the man. They had a misunderstanding over a woman while drinking beer at a local bar.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he had not yet received the report.

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Kabila 1Β month ago

Kunonzi kusurisuri dam turn off . Old name between Chegutu and Kadoma along Byo Rd. The so called Shurugwi guy ain't Shurugwi but a local guy akaita makakatanwa nemusoja coz of a girlfriend. The so called Shurugwi truely knifed the soldier. The soldier went away and came back with the army. You know the story. Wadenha one wadenha dozen or chaunga. That's how it happened kuno ku Chegaz

kevy 1Β month ago

@Kabila u are repeating from what all ppl are reading
whats your point of doing what every1 is reading

sebanga Makusha 1Β month ago

please you media guys stop using tarnishing the name of our home by referring to those machetes gangsters as mushurugwi.Do you have the proof that the person was from SHURUGWl

suri suri 1Β month ago

tokumamisai pachegaz pano ......apa mari dzedu ishoma musakangamwe ipapo. shungu dzese pachembere dzekumuvhovho kkkkkk

Varakashi 1Β month ago


🚩 1 month ago

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z1 1Β month ago

pamberi ne ma gunnerz discipline them team ranguu

z2 1Β month ago

hakuna gunners akapusa sewe soo,munhu ari trained kudashurwa nemucivilian

apa kwakusheedza Barrack rese kuzouya netupfuti kani
wakatorerwa babe kwakurohwa uritsaga iweeee

concerned 1Β month ago

ozonzvwa hanzi mabogus soldiers ...imhi itai mushe

Chimboti Pizza 1Β month ago

Mwana wese kuCCC gore rinouya, ndokupera kwemashoko angu

Tintin 1Β month ago

vanozivana hazvipindirwe munotikwadzisa

Timba 1Β month ago


STALIN 1Β month ago


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