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Small-scale Miners Plead For Reduction Of Taxes

Small-scale Miners Plead For Reduction Of Taxes

Youths who are involved in small-scale mining have appealed to authorities to reduce the mining levies required for one to operate in order to allow growth and development in the sector.

In June 2021, the government, through Statutory Instrument 185 of 2021, announced new mining fees which are considered exorbitant by small-scale miners.

Speaking to, Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) youth secretary for Matabeleland North, Nkululeko Ngwenya said the high fees are negatively affecting the growth of the mining sector. He said:

Mines inspection fee is US$300, Environmental Management Agency (EMA) wants US$250, then the council also wants US$400. The money needed is too much and affects growth in the sector.

We are asking that the government might consider our pleas and reduce operations fees so that the industry may grow and boom, supporting development in the mining sector.

Ngwenya said the exorbitant fees have hindered many small-scale miners from formally registering and regularising their illegal operations.

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CHAWABVUNZA 4 months ago

I am not into mining, but these figures are exorbitant to the beginner. I hope that the relevant ministries will look into them.

O_O 4 months ago

They fees are meant to be a deterrent to those who want to start mining or at least formalise their operations. That's how they keep the small fish at the shallow ends.

G Unit 4 months ago

In Ghana it's US$50 000

hopewell 4 months ago

where do miners get 50ks u arejoking right

Mary M**** 4 months ago

Uchanyepa iwe 50 000 for small scale or large scale commercial mining?

Tkt says 4 months ago

Those are fees are good!
Ask me why & I will tell you that they make sure you mine more to in order to get more than that saka hapana chaka ipa apo!

minor 3 months ago

its not about mine mire its abt how priximit is th nineral belt sm1 in mazoe mined mire kubhenda chase more ore less points of goid were harvested but a certsin guy with a mineral detector jus use t get were th mineral is at mine less get high returns,so its all abt tech sav not kungonzwa kuda kuchera unopanyura apo gweja

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