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Six Armed Robbers Arrested After Shootout With Police

Six Armed Robbers Arrested After Shootout With Police

Two members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and a member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) were part of a gang of six suspected robbers arrested in Masvingo after a shootout with detectives, reported The Mirror.

When asked for a comment by the publication, ZNA deputy spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Alex Zuva referred questions to ZRP spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi who said he was not in a position to comment at the material time.

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday morning following a gun battle with officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) near Gokomere Mission along the Masvingo-Harare highway.

The six were reportedly part of an eight-man gang that had stolen gold ore in Mashava before fleeing using their getaway vehicle.

The suspects were involved in a road traffic accident when their Silver Toyota Wish vehicle collided head-on with a haulage truck moving towards Masvingo City.

Two of the suspects fled while the other six were arrested.

More: The Mirror, The Herald

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Norma Msliswa 2 months ago

VaMatanga dai Matibetserawo kuMhangura Mupurisa anonzi Matare and team of four inogamba ichiba mapipe netambo dzemagetsi


Dispenser 2 months ago

During e time of Mugabe,cases of armed robberies were few bz all e guns were secure, fully registered ,apart from that what causes infiltration of artillery into e market is e coup .some of e documents were tempered

factos 2 months ago

six ZANU PF armed robbers arrested after police shootout

.. 2 months ago

M**** manzwa ka

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 2 months ago

Thats my thought too

chikiti.. musavengana 2 months ago

zvinyaya zve fake izvi

Dispenser 2 months ago

I wants have said making an ambush to innocent civilians like Magaya ,is Like teaching uniformed forces robbery, Next time ey do it on their own.

Ginious 2 months ago

Bt why time yamdhara Bob nyangwe zvinhu zvaingezvakaoma,those cases of armed robbery involving security forces were rare.

千凵几Ꮆ Ҡ凵 2 months ago

The army guys got a taste of non-salary money when they wer deployed to control looting , then again during lockdown patrols .

Those guys wld ask for a smoke at first but after they dd patrols wth ZRP they demanded money hence u hear they always hv ZRP wth them when they rob . ZRP cant live wthout money , put them anywher they wl always find a way to make money.

Tkt 2 months ago

MaGrade 7 anonetsa,hatichada MaGrade 7 kuarmy,kushoresa nyika yakanaka kudai

Muzimbo 2 months ago

Inzara iyi, hapana Mari yavarikutambira kupera kwemwedzi, government workers are suffering

Smokin on top5 2 months ago

Hakuna magrade7 but inyaya yekuti they are greedy bastards

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

At least they stole gold. Who else owns gold in Zimbabwe besides the big fish? At least havana kubira munhu arikutozvitamburira zvake.

gft 2 months ago

ma**** makuru ayo tese mari dzatirikuhora hadzikwani but huzobire vamwe vasinawo fut

2 months ago

Bounty Hunter 2 months ago

Ma gunners ayo haadzidzi sei umwe wavo akapiwa almost 50yrs in army prison & to my surprise they still commit crime

Smokin on top5 2 months ago

Ngavaenda kunoita zvima shootout scavo kuUkraine kwete kuswera kuti nyaudza nezvipfuti zvavo

? 2 months ago

Vodii mari yavari kutambirsa haisi kukwana

mercy 2 months ago

chero munhu asiri Mupurisa musoja Mari ikasakwana unoba chete

2 months ago

Lizzy 2 months ago


The Raging bull 2 months ago

Lizzy ndokuda

101 2 months ago

If u are under paid pfungwa dzehumbavha dzowandisa

masvingo 2 months ago

I was there Painge pakaipa veduwee wish inofamba

General 2 months ago

Tell us more please , what did you see

Madamburo 2 months ago

Magunnerz atonetsa nenyaya dzerobbery

ABC 2 months ago

Inzara bhururu. Ndo partime yavowo iyoyo

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