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Sikhala's Friends Say Police Blocked A Prayer Session For The Jailed MP

Sikhala's Friends Say Police Blocked A Prayer Session For The Jailed MP

Friends of jailed Zengeza West Member of Parliament, Job Sikhala, yesterday accused the police of blocking a prayer session for Sikhala which was supposed to be held at his Chitungwiza home on Wednesday.

Sikhala has been in prison since June when he was arrested for inciting public violence which erupted on 14 June during the funeral wake of slain Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Moreblessing Ali.

Friends of Job Sikhala Solidarity Trust spokesperson Emmanuel Zellers Gumbo said police barricaded roads leading to Sikhala house in Chitungwiza. He told NewsDay:

We were supposed to have a prayer session around 5pm at Sikhala’s place and police at St Mary’s had given us the greenlight to do so.  However, we were surprised to see truckloads of police barricading the road which leads to his place. We couldn’t even proceed with our prayer session.

We are dealing with a regime which seeks to control and monitor everyone. It was just a prayer, but the current regime is even afraid of prayer gatherings. We wanted to pray in solidarity, not only with Sikhala, but also the people since the Judiciary had failed us.  Our only hope is God. We can’t continue to see this level of injustice.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was not aware of the incident.

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1 month ago


attitude of prayer 1 month ago

was the prayer done as a posture of solidarity or was it a heartfelt prayer that was being called.wasnz it just political posturing on the party of the for thought

Zuze 1 month ago

@attitude... prayer is prayer. It has no other qualifying description.

Your thoughts are hungry and don't need any food

Dispenser 1 month ago

A regime wc go against God, a regime wc prohibite prayers to the almighty. They have done so, the likes of ceaser considering themselves as gods but it all went wrong fr them

Slime dispenser 1 month ago

God is sovereign.Be careful about the perogatives of God and remember God is not a respecter of persons.God is incorruptible

1 month ago

ZANU mhondi dzevanhu

Zanu pf guardian of the faith 1 month ago

ZANU PF haisi mhondi it's a political and economic system that is in charge of the country right now

Zuze 1 month ago

@ZANU... being in power is not mutually exclusive with being murderous. ZANU has its collective hands full of blood of 6 innocent civilians from August 1, 2018. and a further 19 from January 2019. in addition add Mboneni Ncube, Itai Dzamara and numerous others

stallion 2 weeks ago

zanu one mhondi mbavha nevaroyi

g 1 month ago

popular preacher Gift Mabhaudhi once preached " hakuna chisingaperi panyika pano......zvinoperaaa"

greater g 1 month ago

kana CCC yacho inopera kana opposition yacho uchapera Kuti hwaaa kutoita expire chaiko

o'brien 1 month ago

blocking a prayer. This is satanic. How can a mere person in police uniform block a prayer session? One day wen they retire,they will realize that they were used by devil while rewarded rtgs. LORD HAVE MERCY

wiser o'brien 1 month ago

there isn't anything satanic about it .the guys probably wanted political mileage out of it.we do not worship to the gallery of Human political affiliations but we worship in truth and in spirit


Dred 1 month ago

ZANU PF operates like tht

supreme jinso 1 month ago

not really.tge conveners wanted to precipitate an unsavoury political incident but the police knew that it could have ended in bloodshed so they stopped it in time

patriot 1 month ago

ndidzo politics dzacho dzemu Africa idzodzo

Mboko 1 month ago

Here's a very very good question.


so of the soil 1 month ago

The police is not a problem.. They don't make orders bt.they execute orders for you zanu guardian**** pako

Führer 1 month ago

Plus Corona yadzoka that would have been a mass spreading event

pk 1 month ago

non believers praying for job. mhinduro yemunamato wacho yakauya fast, kumhanyiswa nepolice

. 1 month ago

aaa kunamata kwakurambidzwa mmmm

👤 1 month ago

ehe mazuvano Zanu haichade vanonamata,kuti utonamata unofanira kuva uri 4ED.manje Mwari havaitrwe izvozvo manje

payer 4 weeks ago

how can prayer be blocked?

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