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Sikhala, Sithole Spend Third Night In Jail

Sikhala, Sithole Spend Third Night In Jail

CCC Members of Parliament Job Sikhala (Zengeza West) and Godfrey Sithole (Chitungwiza North) spent the third night in custody on Thursday after court proceedings only ended after 7 pm.

The duo face public violence charges after violent clashes rocked the funeral wake and memorial services for murdered CCC party activist Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime, Beatrice.

Sikhala and Sithole appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Godfrey Mandaza who postponed the hearing to Friday.

Prosecutors Michael Reza, Chris Mutangadura and Lovemore Masuku allege that Sikhala, who is also the Ali family lawyer, urged Zimbabweans to avenge Ali’s murder.

Sithole is charged with participating in inciting violence and arranging lorries which allegedly transported CCC activists who attacked the homes of ZANU PF supporters.

Both denied the charges through defence lawyers Jeremiah Bamu and Alec Muchadehama who said the charges against their clients were concocted.

Bamu said Sikhala is not the one who posted the video in which he is alleged to have incited violence and that he did not utter any statements inciting violence.

He also complained about the manner in which “over 100” police officers circled Sikhala’s house to arrest him on Tuesday night. Said Bamu:

Even as he went out to engage them upon realising they were police officers, they still attempted to force their way into his premises.

At least 30 police officers armed with baton sticks forcefully entered his premises.

He told them that he would want to get dressed and come out but before he even dressed up the police had already broken down the door and into his house.

This is not consistent with the law which provides that once an accused agrees and intends to open the door, the police should not break their doors.

Meanwhile, the State has since indicated that it will oppose granting of bail.


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Blue 💙 1 week ago

#Free Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole.

Putin 🇷🇺 1 week ago

Ngaagare musaga,nyika inovakwa nevene vayo 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 hallelujah God bless you all

Crocodile 1 week ago

Nyika yapera basa kudai 42yrs dzekupedzisa Zimbabwe aah zvimwe nyarai wo

Blue 💙 1 week ago

I second you @Captain Jack Sparrow, zvakungodawo kuonera. Chibasa ndicho but still they better jobs that we were promised haasi kusvika apa tofira idzo nzungu idzodzi...

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

But should our ages (generation) put much concentration on supporting this wanton jaded Zanu Pf?

Tosangana musi weVote..!


Chawabvunza 1 week ago

It is good that Job will get his bail opposed. I am sure he is accustomed to prison life. A word of advise to Mr Sikahla is DO NOT DROP THE SOAP🤣🤣🤣🤣


Cell Block 2 1 week ago

Kkkk good one, exposing your exhaust pipe can be detrimental to your health

CCC 1 week ago

great ,let the law proceed,pasi ne mhirishonga, Zimbabwe is a peace loving country .vanokonzeresa zhowe zhowe should face the one is above the law

dispenser 1 week ago

Those are the actions of a failed state. what is wrong have to be described the way it is ,not to intimidate people to expose the rot .The truth is that women was murdered by Zanu pf thug , unfortunately social media exposed the dirty game

Smart City Concept 1 week ago

Kungowawata uku. Why don't you forward your proof that Pius Jamba is Zanu PF member to the courts kwave nenyaya. It may actually assist Job Sikhala in his case.

Blue 💙 1 week ago

He was not ij the Zanu structures. Why are you tarnishing Zanus image?

Chitunha Chese ndeChedu© 1 week ago

【I just love this name】

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

Ini hangu i dont see why we fight before elections, lets jus wait for 2023 and chose whoever we wanna chose to lead the nation peaceful.

Zimbabwe in southern africa is the worst in toxic politics...

Jack Bauer 1 week ago

Ukasarudza waunoda wonzi haasiriye wawakasarudza futi....zvinobuda here izvozvo???

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Bhora musango. Where is the zanupf councillor who went to disrupt the funeral proceedings.
The more you arrest them the more popular they become the more glaring your intolerance of dissent.

Pamberi ne bhora musango

parasite 1 week ago

Haumuna zvamunomuita kkkkkk sikhala .

System Dzacho 1 week ago

Ndiwe wakazviparira wega
Kuda kuzviita bhuru sa Mliswa

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

Good ngavakuware ne tsikidzi we are a peace loving nation we don't want manga manga rubbish like Sikara tarnishing our image

Manyame Park 1 week ago

Mahere kakangwarisa.She has toned down her utterances, she now talks of thugs not Zanu PF thugs.

Executive Zvimbazi 1 week ago

yea to hell with Maherw she is sodomy.
She is not married.

Blue 💙 1 week ago

True bro. Kwasara ka Mahere, she has tarnished and spoiled the Zanu PF brand with her muppet politics. Defamation.

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