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Sikhala Mobilises Youths To Defend Chin'ono's Goats Projects

Sikhala Mobilises Youths To Defend Chin'ono's Goats Projects

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala, claimed Saturday to have mobilised scores of people to sleep at journalist and government critic Hopewell Chin’ono’s Murehwa home.

The move follows threats by ruling ZANU PF party youths, led by one Taurai Kandishaya, to invade and forcibly take possession of part of Chin’ono’s livestock.

Taurai claims that Chin’ono is a beneficiary of a goat project initiated by the government but failed or neglected to pass on the goats to other farmers.

A news article flighted by state broadcaster ZBC alleging Chin’ono fraudulently took possession of a State-sponsored goat project meant for villagers ignited the current fight.

The report accused the journalist of benefiting from the government’s Command Agriculture.

Chin’ono who runs a goat project at his Murehwa village near Mukarakate refutes the claims saying he never received goats from the government.

Chin’ono, according to his lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, is currently out of the country

Sikhala, a CCC legislator for Zengeza West wrote on Twitter claiming to have mobilised youths to guardChin’ono’s home. He said:

I have decided to join other citizens who have volunteered to be at Chin’ono’s village near Mukarakate in Murehwa to defend one of our citizens under attack from the regime.

I have mobilised more volunteers. Tonorarika ko (we will sleep there). This nonsense has to be stopped once and for all.

Scores of social media users have vowed “mbudzi hadzina kwadzinoinda” (goats are going nowhere) saying they will fight for the respect for property rights in the country.

Chin’ono was this week forced to share receipts of the initial 35 goats he imported from South Africa to dispel allegations by ZBC.

He also said, “The Zanu PF thug, Taurai Kandishaya, plans to loot my property on Sunday. I have instructed my workers not to fight with anyone, let them take.” 

His lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has since written to the police demanding they investigate the matter before the ZANU PF youths invade the project.


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wasu wekwaMutare 9 months ago

ndo hunhu hwenyu ana musoro bhangu

tikawa 9 months ago


You are a poultry farmer. You inject your broiler with enhancement drugs. Your daughter is in the University and a major consumer of chicken and chips. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a parent. You buy exams for your child and lie to him he is the most intelligent kid in the world. He goes to university and does the wrong course. Either he drops out or he becomes a quack in that sector. He eventually gets a calamity. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior government official. You take a bribe. Contaminated sugar is allowed in the country. Your aging mother in the village gets cancer due to the contaminated sugar. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior government official. Government provides funds for building a dam to aid irrigation in your village. You loot all the money. Your own kinsmen back in the village die of hunger. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior public official. You get CDF funds to build schools. You loot it all and make kids drop out and become armed thugs. They hijack you, break into your house, steal from you and rape your daughter. Wisdom of a fool.

You are in charge of a hospital, you loot money that is meant for drugs. Your brother gets sick at night, he is rushed to hospital but there are no drugs. He dies and you are left struggling to educate his eight kids. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a police man working in Traffic. You take a USD100 bribe to let an overloaded Taxi pass. Your own villagemates and colleagues on leave die in a crash due to the taxi overload. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a rich man. You refuse to assist the poor. They become thieves. They break into your house, rob and kill you. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a voter. You are bribed with a t/shirt, USD500 and some simple promises in fundraising drives. You vote in a thug. Services delivery goes down. You complain for five years. Wisdom of a fool.

“Now look, this is exactly the kind of people that we elect. I wish this poem reaches every African in the world, I wish this can be written in notice boards of all places.
*Copied and Pasted*

nc 9 months ago

mbavha veduwe

The Boy Who Saw 🛸 UFOs 9 months ago

Then you expect us to develop as a country, if we're still fighting for goats, living in this era like tiri ku stone age, C'mon MBUDZI HERE GUYS

choshi. 9 months ago

ko vanhu muneyi nembudzi dzemunhu tangai mabata mbavha idzo dziri kukonzera kuparara kwenyika. vana vezimbabwe tisapedza nguva tichimhanyira nhunzi uku ronda richikura ngatirape Ronda iri hama dzangu. ndofunga mandinzwa. kuchemera mbudzi kkkkkkk mandipedza

Jinn 9 months ago

They loot your precious minerals like gold and then they promise you Boers dzaHopewell Chinono.Mayouth wake up,don't be used by these heartless politicians.Lets register to vote and remove nonsense from power

njonda 9 months ago

haaa makuda mbudzi kogold makaita sei paye.musazodaro so


Maparamuro 9 months ago

Zanupf should do a t****ugh investigation of this Taurai Kundishora. He appears to be doing a good job in decampaigning the party. Wake up varakashi musangano urikuparadzwa from within nanakundishora ava

Patriot 9 months ago

hey Taurai kandi-shaya dzenge dzedhongi, y are u afraid of approaching the guys who stole 15 billion than these goats. usabvuma kuitiswa. bringing the name of organization into disrepute.

Chawabvunza 9 months ago

Hopewell Chin'ono has proved that he brought his goats from South Africa. He produced his purchase receipts, clearance papers for both South Africa border and Zimbabwe border and finally he has clearance by Veterinary Department at Beitbridge. What else would one want to prove that the goats came from South Africa ? This mad man, Taurai Kandishora, must be immediately lodged into a mental health institution.


Machiavelli 9 months ago

ZANU ngaichiburitsawo maV11 avo tione

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 9 months ago

When they are told that the way you grabbed/repossesed some of the farm in 2000 left some people dead, they say you are exaggerating things. When they are told to stop violeting the citizens' human rights and property rights, they say we are peace loving and a democratic party yet their actions contradict their claims.

l really don't know what a failed government really is or looks like if the ZANUPF led Zimbabwean government isn't one.

From EDPfee to EDPfuu. Vanhu VAKAKA nenhamo weduweee. Stop playing gods and allow fellow human beings to enjoy freedom in this kandry. Leave Hopewell's goats alone. Just let your 'progress indicating your great work' speak for you. Show us any other area around Zimbabwe where that Command Goat Presidential scheme has succeded kkk.

Pasi nehurumende yezvigure. Pasi nebato rakapandukira Chimurenga. Pasi nevasina moyo navamwe. Pasi nevanozvifunga ivo vega nemhuri dzavo.

Pamberi neGolden Future. Pamberi neCCC. Let us register to vote, especially young people. Our future cannot be held at ransom by this pathetic offshoot of the revolutionary party.

Ngaapinde Hake Nero Weyero Kuti Zvive Wero.

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

Welcome back the original Kakistocracy, i concur with you on your articulation of this new deception. Busy using Trafigura deals to loot minerals without any papertrail or accountability 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Gure waMkuru prezo vakapata last size

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 9 months ago

Thank you @Chapwititi Kestombela

Machiavelli 9 months ago

I love this Tairai Kundishaya guy.
He is inadvertently campaigning for the Yellow Brigade

Pamberi newe Tau.
Dira rizare kuti pam-pam

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