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Sikhala Addresses Zimbabweans From Prison On 100th Day Of Latest Incarceration | Full Text

Sikhala Addresses Zimbabweans From Prison On 100th Day Of Latest Incarceration | Full Text

Dear Zimbabweans and the world at large





Today marks 100 days of our incarceration together with Hon. Godfrey Sithole since our arbitrary arrest on the 14th of June 2022.

Our arrest was followed by the arrest of 14 other innocent citizens, 3 of them with us here at Chikurubhi Maximum Security Prison and the other 11 detained at Harare Remand Prison.

As correctly pointed out by Prof Ibbo Mandaza and 115 others’ petition, our arrest is purely political persecution by a regime afraid of dissent and democratic discourse in the Country.

We are victims of our beliefs, beliefs which we dearly hold, the belief that Zimbabwe must be a free society devoid of callous murders and killings of those holding differing views and opinions.

We are suffering and being persecuted for loving our Country and the downtrodden in our society, with all our hearts and soul. Beloved Zimbabweans, we dearly love our Country and everyone living in it to the core, Zimbabwe belongs to all of us and we will strive forever for a society of equality and happiness.

Your overwhelming support is echoing here through the walls of Chikurubhi Maximum Security Prison.

We are NOT criminals. We are political prisoners of a regime that is scared of its people.

It must be known, however, that Zimbabweans are not fools nor cowards as envisaged. They are just cautious and patient.

Hassan Omar Al Bashir thought likewise in Sudan before people power taught him otherwise.

The people of Zimbabwe are boiling with anger and it has reached a tipping point. Even accomplices in our persecution know it.

Zimbabwe is a Country of unhappy, poverty-stricken and tormented souls. Our persecution and torment are a testimony of the generality of every Zimbabwean.

Only the evil and looters and their compt kins rejoice in our suffering, whilst I and you live like paupers in our own country.

The hour of the people’s power shall come and we shall have tears of joy. We shall be witnesses to this grand occasion during our lifetime.

Your support, dear Zimbabweans, is needed most during this crucial hour of our country’s history.

We seek your full resolve to stand with us and speak out about the injustices of the movement being perpetrated upon us.


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Nimrod 1 week ago

Defiant message from a determined and indefatigable cadre. Whereas 100 days of unjustified incarceration might have killed an ordinary person's defiant spirit, it has not affected him at all.

Chibuku super 1 week ago

"Only the evil and looters and their compt kins rejoice in our suffering, whilst I and you live like paupers in our own country"...... In as much as he can relate to our current situation, is he a pauper?

/Handina kudhakwa/

Guardjerri 1 week ago

Àa nhai jobho ****u harisati rapera pa100 days

₹₹ 1 week ago

Point of correction Wiwa, The echoes you are hearing are probably varume varikufemerana mugotsi after lights out.

Mukanyapazvese 1 week ago

The never say die 🔥

Machiavelli 1 week ago

When you were taken I'll, I wrote the following tribute, and I quote it in full :-
"Advocate Job 'Wiwa' Sikhala, Comrade in Arms, Defender of The Underdog, Fearless Warrior..... since UZ days, through ZINASU, MDC, MDC-99, MDC Alliance and now CCC.

You have been through it all,
You have never bowed down to tyranny
You have always been outspoken
You have always been true to the struggle

They have thrown the law book at you now 68 times
You have never shirked under the yoke
You have seen worse
You will endure
You will beat this sickness
You will triumph over the darkness

From St. Mary's
Through Harare
Through Zimbabwe
To the entire world

Progressive Voices are with you
Not in flesh
But in spirit and prayer.
Bayethe Qhawe lama Qhawe
Bayethe ☝️☝️☝️☝️


Machiavelli is an ii.mbecile 1 week ago

papi pacho the problem child must suffer ammmammme job Sikhala mammme mammme day way mammme to the maximum

pk 1 week ago

eagerly waiting for your address on your 365th day in prison

dhadza 1 week ago

msatvage kwekunyorera chirungu mpindula muno iya imwiiiii


Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

Kkkkkkk true comrades the likes of Navalny are incacerated for 15yrs whilst others 1300 in number are facing 10yr sentences otochema ka100 days **** student politics that you are taking on a national level ,may you continue to rot in jail until you have been properly reorientated

Commander 1 week ago

Kangoma kna korrisa kavapedyo kubvuruka, don't worry my brother you shall free one day, and Zimbabwe mast be free again

Sikhala i****zve 1 week ago

ehe i****zve mfana Sikhala ngaa mammme mammme to the maximum

bootlicker unlimited 1 week ago

iwe Sparo ,uri kuzivikanwa zvikuru. your time to face reality will surely come .

Tickey 1 week ago

Musanetseke naCaptain Jack. Ari pabasa kuti anzwe kuti mhuri yeZimbabwe iri kufungei nekutaurei ozonotaurira vakuru vake kuRed Bricks. Kuswero feya feya nekuferefeta ndiro basa rake asi rimwe zuva gave rakadimbura musungo rikashweterwa negashwe

Constable 1 week ago

Be strong comrades, much love from us within the force. You might portray our organisation as against the people but us it's members are for the people

Citizen raPep naChamisa 1 week ago

Ana Jack Sparrow hamugonewo kuita undercover saBush Lawyer seiko.u r a disgrace to this country‘s intelligence unit
Anyway gava richadambura musungo rambai henyu muchity mazimbo akapata
And on that day military and police will let people do their own will because they will realize that there is no point in defending <1000 looters and 10 000 000+ Hungry citizens

viva intelligentsia 1 week ago

hamuvagone ende hapana ende hapana saka get away

chibaba 1 week ago

Be strong Wiwa we are together in spirit Mwari haasi munhu ,chimwe nechimwe chinenguva yacho hapana chisingapere

Tk 1 week ago

Gamba remagamba .Wiwa

Mupurwa 1 week ago


Tkt says 1 week ago

Baba mucha nyarara zvenyu, hamusati matanga
Kusvika musi wamucha nyora another letter ✉️ direct to the President asking for forgiveness, only then will you get a trial date wozopuwa a warning, besides that, uchafira manyepo ako iwayo nechi bato chako cheku nyepa ichocho!

@ Captain Sparrow 1 week ago

sparo enda unoudza varikukutumakuti kuti chokwadi varume hamusisiru popular bcz of this WiWa issue...and CCC irikuzokumamisai....

National Archives 1 week ago

You are on your own cde. Zimbabweans are not bothered by your incarceration.The box with signatures for your release is already gathering dust here.

Richcracy 1 week ago

Dear Activist Jobs Wiwa Sikhala.
The greatest thing to cherish on is life be proud enough that these ZANU PF thugs haven't hurt you since the day you where detained until today marking the 100th day of your detention. Zanu PF ichayi Mwari ' God is watching you " Stop using the Law as your weapons, tables turn one day Advocate Nelson chamisa will be ruling this Country and you will suffer the consequences of what you did during your grace. Activist Jobs Sikhala and Activist Godfrey Sithole what have they done to deserve being in Maximum Chikurubi prison, because they were asking for peace and democracy, You denied bail several times but if murder appears in caught carrying a machete used to murder he's been granted a bail, but someone who is asking for peace and democracy is being denied bail.
Activist Job Sikhala we will always pray for you together with Godfrey IL and the 14 Nyatsime in prison that these thugs don't hurt you.

Tyga €azzy,, 5 days ago

well presented piece of work mi nigga,, VOTE CCC,,

Viva AsaraWiwa 1 week ago

freedom soldier. Our hero we are together in spirit and we will win this war.Wiwa Wiwa byte byte

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