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Shortage Of Ndebele-speaking Teachers Hits Silobela

Shortage Of Ndebele-speaking Teachers Hits Silobela

The Silobela community has expressed unhappiness over the shortage of Ndebele-speaking teachers, which has resulted in the deployment of Shona-speaking teachers in the area.

Midlands Minister for Devolution and Provincial Affairs, Larry Mavima, was briefed on the situation recently when he commissioned the Gwesele – Bharimasvesve Primary School in Zhombe.

A senior Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education official said few people from the region were training as teachers hence the shortage of Ndebele-speaking teachers.

The official challenged youth from the area to go to teachers’ colleges.

People who spoke during the briefing said the problem had not been addressed for the last ten years, and this was one of the causes of the low pass rates in Silobela.

Meanwhile, Mavima assured stakeholders that the government was going to attend to the problem to address it. He said:

I was informed during the briefings that we have a shortage of Ndebele-speaking teachers in our local schools. I promise that as Government we are going to address the problem.

One of the villagers at the event, Derek Thumelo told The Mirror that most schools have a high number of Shona-speaking teachers who can hardly communicate in Ndebele.

Silobela District Schools Inspector (DSI) Herbert Maziriri confirmed the problem and said:

We have such a problem; it is not limited to Silobela but affects the whole country.

We call upon local students to take up teaching courses so that they can be deployed to teach in their indigenous languages.

More: The Mirror

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@pindula 2 months ago

u deserve Robert Ruine.stop censoring our comments.idi.ots.

RuinedCondom 2 months ago

iwe pindura

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

Pindula naRuine hazvina kumbosiyana, zvese mavirus

.. 2 months ago

Guys I think we should try to appreciate Pindula,, they are have given us a platform where we can what's happening around Zimbabwe for free,, let's not be negative Black people let's appreciate other people's efforts,

Anonymous 2 months ago

@chris thank you
Theres nothing 4 free.
if you think something is 4 free nyatsotarisisa you may be the product

Chris 2 months ago

There is nothing for free in this world my friend.

uplexx 2 months ago

..@thank yu une point inemusoro

Truth 2 months ago

True that

@.. 2 months ago

p****i .

kkkkkk 2 months ago



Truth 2 months ago

Guys where are the other comments

Mkhwebu 2 months ago

That is being a good leader bamMavima, you go to the people and have a true reflection of what is happening 👍

User 2 months ago

Khiphani I Maths kuma entry requirements e College singene sifundise e Silobela

John 2 months ago

I maths yakhitshwa last of last year


Government must look into this problem holistically without bias. I do not think that the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is deliberately misposting their teachers.

I think that the Ministry is genuinely running short of qualified Ndebele speaking teachers. This problem can only solved by producing many Ndebele speaking O & A level graduands who will be encouraged to join the teaching profession.

Young persons in Matabeleland and Midlands must be discouraged from going to Mzansi after finishing O & A levels.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

2023 2 months ago

ino tongwa nevene vayo

Muntuza 2 months ago

Every year Ndebele teachers are churned out from college, where are they going?

Zulu 2 months ago

People are shunning the profession

historian 2 months ago

most ndebele wont work for slave wages as long as teachers are paid peanuts they wld rather go to SA

the Zebra There. if fDd S SA 2 months ago

the D S I isa shona hence the all shonateacher schools , obviously that's the trend

Umnandi 2 months ago

Who in his/her normal senses wants to join teaching???

Tshaka 2 months ago

its not easy to gain entrance into these colleges if u are Ndebele.Worse if u dont have money to bribe your way into the college.

Gwedu 2 months ago

Who is willing to take that courses were you end up enslaved by the employer?

JC Lerul 2 months ago

Teach them shona instead

glossy 1 month ago

we are here sitting at home with our certifiates for 3yrs not yet deployed ....

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