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Shava Criticised For Not Consulting ZEP Holders

Shava Criticised For Not Consulting ZEP Holders

The chairperson of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa (ZCSA) Ngqabutho Mabhena has criticised Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Frederick Shava for his failure to consult fellow citizens based in South Africa over their expiring Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP).

Shava was in South Africa on Wednesday last week where he discussed migration and the expiring permits, among other issues with Naledi Pandor, that country’s International Relations minister.

Mabhena told CITE’s Senzeni Ncube that Shava was also supposed to consult ZEP holders before engaging the South African government. Said Mabhena:

How do you even say you are ready to welcome 170 000 people when you cannot take care of the ones already in the country who continue to flock to South Africa?

We feel the minister was supposed to also have a briefing with us to hear the concerns of fellow citizens and their challenges in getting the new permits before engaging Pandor.

Shava said Zimbabwe is ready to take back its citizens who fail to meet the requirement stipulated by SA for them to get other permits. He said:

This has been on the cards for some time since the South African government pronounced the end of ZEP permits. Zimbabweans are also aware of a time limit.

Those who fail to meet the requirements of South Africa are welcome back home.

We will be working on the modalities and the logistics of receiving them when they come.

The ZEP will expire at the end of this year. Its expiry is naturally causing much anxiety to the holders of this permit.

Our governments must work closely in the implementation of this decision. We are ready to receive our nationals back home.

At the same time, I’d like to reiterate our appeal to Zimbabweans in SA to observe and respect the laws of SA.

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Comrade Mabhena is spot on. One of the issues which Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Shava had gone to discuss was obviously Immigration.

If it true that Minister Shava did not consult with [ZEP] holders, then it appears he had gone there on holiday !!!!!

Minister Shava may argue that he met embassy staff. He should have actually asked the ambassador to arrange this meeting for him. Even if this was not in his brief, he should have used his experience in international affairs. I hate to draw a conclusion which points the fact that these shortcomings could be why he had been dropped from Ministerial postings by the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

His attitude vindicated those who say the so called second administration is not serious with all diasporans. Those Zimbabweans abroad went there is because of economic mismanagement by the second administration here at home.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Foreign Services 1 month ago

Try to understand basic protocol.Shava gets his briefing from Embassy staff. Concerns by ZEP should necessarily be presented to the Embassy.The South African government has already made its decision on these permits.He did not go to RSA to negotiate for the extension of permits

bigsam 1 month ago

you guys moda kuita as if zim is a no go area why??
just come back home chete isu tirimo wani
ZEP kuita sei what so special kugara kuSouth??

Tkt 1 month ago

Haaa baba☝munogwara imi!

Shava has ppl who are already in SA who've been in liaison with the victims of ZEP. Thus the Embassy
As you already know the duty of an ambassador, I believe you understand also his limits which are the primary reasons why had to go down there!

Hanzi on Holiday, kkk wangu don't be too emotional always even yourself can you go on a ONE-DAY HOLIDAY?
Full of I know ndiyo inoku kuvadza wangu, too much kuzvirova dundundu

Shava went down to meet the SA counterpart he had no reason to meet the masses for they are already represented by the Embassy which already passed on their concerns to Shava

bigsam 1 month ago

pakmakaenda kuSiuth ikoko did you consult shava??
shava did a diplomatic thing by engaging hus counterpart period
shava akatogona kuti dzokai kumusha
imi moda kurambira south yacho ndeyenyu here???
mukutya kudzoka makamarembedza kaa

Leadership Failure 1 month ago

So the purpoted Chairman of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa has not made representations to the Zim Embassy re: ZEP permits???

Leadership Failure 1 month ago

So the purpoted Chairman of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa has not made representations to the Zim Embassy re: ZEP permits???!


Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Shava went to SA because he was invited by his SA counterpart following Anthony Blinkens visit to SA ,Bush Lawyer get your facts right before tutoring us with your CCC hogwash

Tkt 1 month ago

One thing I like about the Bush Lawyer is that he comes, posts nons.ence & keeps silent
I now believe this guy is probably the PINDULA ADMIN

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

How come am in Zimbabwe but i read it long back that they wont renew permits 😂

Kopo 1 month ago

Guys dzokai tirime,, farming ikubhadhara like never before,, tsvaga information.. I ddnt have a plot a year ago bt ndaka renta ndikarima 2 seasons nw ndava newangu unemapepa.. Choose not to be like the rest... Much into politics hazvibatsire mhuri

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