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Sex Workers Urged To Be Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

Sex Workers Urged To Be Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

Sex workers have been urged to get vaccinated against the coronavirus as the nature of their profession makes it impossible to observe physical distancing protocols theereby putting them at risk of contracting the deadly virus.

Speaking in an interview with, Sexual Rights Centre (SRC) Executive Director Musa Sibindi said sex workers should prioritise their health because sex involves physical contact. She said:

Actually, for sex workers, the key message is that the very nature of the work they do as sex workers is a contact type of activity.

So, there is no way they will actually engage with their clients wearing masks and can constantly be sanitizing and social distancing.

With that kind of work, observance of COVID-19 prevention protocols becomes a challenge.

So, it is incumbent upon them to actually to take the responsibility of their health and get vaccinated.

I know the major challenge then would how they can be fully empowered to negotiate for their safety with certain clients because even the very places they operate from like bars, the kind of social activities happening there you find people let down their guard in terms of even masking and sanitizing.

Sibindi also urged all sexually active citizens to be vaccinated, saying they are also vulnerable to the disease. She said:

So at least, we are saying sex workers and all of us as citizens should get vaccinated because I believe sex is not just happening among sex workers only but all of us adults are consenting to sexual activities.

We need to take responsibility and make sure that we get vaccinated.


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