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Several Feared Dead After Mandaza Bus Collides With Haulage Truck

Several Feared Dead After Mandaza Bus Collides With Haulage Truck

A Mandaza Bus carrying an undisclosed number of passengers collided with a haulage truck in Masvingo Province resulting in the death of several people, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has said.

Police said the accident occurred at the 47km peg along the Gutu-Roy Road but were yet to ascertain the number of fatalities and injuries. ZRP said in a tweet:

The ZRP confirms a fatal road accident involving a Mandaza bus and a haulage truck that occurred at the 47km peg along the Gutu-Roy Road in Masvingo.

So far, a number of people have died and been injured. Police are still verifying the number of deaths and injuries.

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๐Ÿšฉ 1ย month ago

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Gafa 1ย month ago

Uyo ngaabvise nyoka inamavara iri muhuro unopedzesa vanhu.Kushata moyo rudziiko nhai...

jjay 1ย month ago


Asalif 1ย month ago

*Zanu PF nocturnal registration end abruptly*
Mirror Reporter

Masvingo โ€“ Nocturnal registrations for birth certificates and National Identity Cards that were being carried out covertly for Zanu PF supporters at the registry office in Masvingo ended in a huff last night when a Mirror crew drove to the scene.
A group of 40 people were dropped at the registrarโ€™s offices by a 65-seater bus at 7:15 pm and they remained gathered there as there was no power. Two vehicles and another one suspected to be from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) arrived minutes later as Mirror reporters watched from afar.
A Mirror vehicle later arrived at 8:45pm and beamed the place with its headlamps to allow the cameramen to take videos but the two vehicles immediately reversed and left. Some suspected registrar officers who had come out of the gate to the crowd retreated back.
Twenty minutes later a 33 seater kombi arrived and loaded the supporters but they could not all fit into it. The Kombi drove off and The Mirror followed it up to the 10km peg along Mutare Road.

The eight or so people who were left by the Kombi were found by The Mirror crew standing by TM Supermarket. They confirmed that they had come from Masvingo North to get national registration certificates but however refused to answer questions and dispersed as soon as they realised that they were talking to reporters.
Government officials including Masvingo district registrar, Lawrence Mapara, District Development Coordinator (DDC) Ray Hove, Provincial Registrar Sithembeni Chitsa and Masvingo Permanent Secretary Dr Jefta Sakupwanya were evasive when they were asked to comment on the issue.
A report by The Mirror shocked the nation yesterday when it emerged that Zanu PF supporters were being bused and registered in Masvingo during the night. Ironically there are no registrations that are taking place at the offices during the day because people are told that either there is no network or cameras are not

Zebedia 1ย month ago

Buses now more deadly than Honda fits.

Chawabvunza 1ย month ago

Our roads have become death traps. Imagine your lovely relative having left home destined for Chiredzi, only to hear that he/she has perished at Roy turn off !!!!! This is tragic.





Hameno 1ย month ago

Dai pindula matipa kuti ndimandaza upi bcz pane evazukuru koita vana tijekesereiwo kana kuisa pic yebhazi racho

Mandaza 1ย month ago

Iwe wakutonetsa iwe

chanzy 1ย month ago

pakaipa mwari pindirai

Registered Youth 1ย month ago

Zvigure izvi zva busy kuuraya vanhu kuti zviwane ropa.Zvino this time,kunyange makazara nemaziropa iwaya,Nero Ari kuzopapinda.Mu Youth wose go n register pliz,asini ukudlala sibili

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