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Serial Rapist On The Loose In Harare

Serial Rapist On The Loose In Harare

Police in Harare have warned residents that there is a serial rapist on the loose in the city’s western suburbs.

The rapist has been breaking into houses and raping girls in Glen View and Budiriro for the past month.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Harare Province, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, said five similar rape cases have been reported. He said:

Police have noted with concern the number of rape cases involving a man targeting minor children for the past month.

The similarities of the cases in how the perpetrator breaks into houses and rapes minor children shows that it’s the same person.

In five cases recorded, the perpetrator broke into houses, threatens the girls and asks if they have engaged in any sexual activities before.

If the girls say no, he rapes them and then flees.

Insp Chakanza appealed for information that may lead to the arrest of the rapist.

He also implored parents to monitor their children. Said Insp Chakanza:

We are urging parents and guardians to closely monitor children day and night, especially those who sleep in separate rooms from them.

We are also appealing for information from members of the public that may lead to the arrest of the perpetrators.

| H-Metro

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licenced to revenge 4 days ago

kana vamubata vanhu musamupe police tsvagai isusu ma vigilante timufundise Kuti Vana havarohwe muriwo zvisina kuwirirana

4 days ago

So how are people supposed to help identy this culprit when there is no description whatsoever. Man, boy, girl, woman? Complexion? Thin, tall, short, heavily built, etc.

vepano pano 4 days ago

we shall bring him to book come rain sun or thunder and we shall do it ahead of zrp and he shall know that it is better to fall in the hands of the security forces than angry civilians.we shall castrate him before police catch him

Sad situation 4 days ago

The people have noted with concern the lack of police patrols /presence in our neighborhood resulting in criminals taking advantage of the situation to commit crimes.

XXX 4 days ago

itai DNA

Collins zw 4 days ago

inobatsirei tisina DNA data base in Zimbabwe for every citizen, inozongoshanda kana pane suspect

,. 4 days ago

NdiManyengavana, hapana mumwe.

Black Adam ⚡ 4 days ago

Hahahahha ayas hehehehe Pindula is on fire lol


4 days ago

So this guy is clearly targeting virgins who don't have any STIs. Probably doing it for ritual purposes😁

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 4 days ago

Yes Or Maybe he is a psycho, you know he probably dated a girl who lied to him that she is a virgin and he felt betrayed. So now he is looking virgins to deflower but still that isn't healing his broken soul

Dispatcher 3 days ago

you are right, but some are born with HIV so anogona kurova anayo .

Black Adam ⚡ 4 days ago

@Big Dhara yeah he is psycho on a mission, we need Sherlock Holmes

Doug 4 days ago

That is the same area where 25 or so people and their lawyer were arrested, the same area where there was an altercation between the police and church members pamasowe.

Newyorkboy 3 days ago

H metro i don't trust you

3 days ago

Vanhu vakabatwa nemunhu 1 kuwandakudaro nodiscription kuti akaita sei? Taakuiniswa nevasikana vakapinza muface wavo akaonekwa nevabereki ave kuenda manje vangatii kuvhara nyaya

3 days ago

Zvakaoma hazvo munhu anoziva sei kuti umu I room yevasikana kana Ari stranger

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