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Serial Armed Robber Shot In The Neck

Serial Armed Robber Shot In The Neck

A suspected armed robber linked to robberies that took place in Gwanda and along the Bulawayo-Harare Road was shot in the neck by police in Matopo on Sunday.

Vincent Mpofu (29), who was armed with a loaded colt automatic pistol, was arrested just after he committed another armed robbery with two accomplices at Silozwe Business Centre, Matopo.

In a statement posted on their Twitter channel, ZRP said Mpofu was shot in the neck as he tried to escape imminent arrest. Police said:

Police in Bulawayo have arrested Lidion Moyo (51), Vincent Mpofu (29) and Liberty Moyo (25) for a robbery case that occurred at Silozwe Business Centre, Matopo on 21/11/21.

A colt automatic pistol with a magazine of two rounds was recovered from Vincent, who attempted to escape resulting in him being shot in the neck.

Investigations have revealed that the pistol was stolen through a robbery in Gwanda on 16/11/21 where a complainant was robbed of ZAR 70 000, US$3 500 and a pistol with 10 rounds of ammunition.

The suspects are being linked to 14 other cases of robbery including the one which occurred along Bulawayo-Harare Road where a complainant was robbed of US$32 000.

In an unrelated incident, police are investigating a case of murder that occurred at Chiredzi Dumping Site, in Chiredzi on Monday.

A man identified only as Guilty stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Mercy Zibwowa, five times with a knife, resulting in her death.

Zibhowa was now cohabiting with another man (35) and this did not go down well with the suspect who stabbed the victim in the presence of her new lover. The new boyfriend escaped.

Police are appealing for people with information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect to report to the nearest police station.

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Nkust 5 months ago

Operation restore legacy, mugabe akanga ane boyz dzame dzine pfuti ndobva dzabudiswa mu stayera but havana kudzosa pfuti ndidzo pfuti dziri kushandiswa kuita ma robbery aya motiudza kty munhuo zvake angafunga kuita road block akabudirira imwi muporisa chaiwo ini pa road block handichamiri

Tsivo 5 months ago

Haaa chokwadi ndechukuty makatt Zimbabwe is open for business varungu vakaramba kuuya because they know ty business environment of Zimbabwe is uncertain plus munyika Hamuna mabasa uyezve mbavha idzo ini ndoona sekuty kucbikoro chaiko vakainda varime avo vakashaiya mukana wekuita zvavakadzidza and no one can leave without money so they are hustling

F m 5 months ago

Uyo wekubaya girlphrand chero ndiine information handitaure akaita boe zvekuti

Gaffer 5 months ago

Munenge makambopiwa heartbreak yemhando yepamusorosoro😜😜😜

Cityzen 5 months ago

He was shot in the neck and still survived? How come inyaya dzechokwadi here idzi🤔🤔🤔

Chris siwela 5 months ago

Armed robbery it's something else surely after robbing 32000 you still continue wanting more abantu laba they are evil indeed

James bond 5 months ago

32000 toibhema mutoriro


Chikiti musarurwa 5 months ago

Haana kufa here paaka pfurwa muhuro macho

Chifinhuboss 5 months ago

A 51 year old man robbing people hazvisi bhoo hazvisi right

Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 5 months ago

Well done ZRP mbavha ngadzisungwe

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