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Senior Zimbabwe Defence Forces Official Collapses And Dies

Senior Zimbabwe Defence Forces Official Collapses And Dies

A senior official in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), Brigadier General Charles Kaneta died on Saturday 10 September 2022 aged 64.

The Sunday Mail reports that he collapsed and died while at his farm in Nyanga.

Brig Gen Kaneta was the Director General of Logistics at the ZDF Headquarters.

In a statement last night, Brigadier General Augustine Chipwere, the Director General Policy, Public Relations and International Affairs at Zimbabwe Defence Forces Headquarters, said:

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces would like to announce the untimely death of Brigadier General Charles Kaneta who was the Director General Logistics at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Headquarters.

General Kaneta, 64, collapsed at his farm in Nyanga and was ferried to Hauna District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival at around 12 noon on 10 September 2022.

Mourners are gathered at Number 7 Married Quarters Cranborne West, Harare.

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Sorojena 4 months ago

Soldiering needs early retirement generally at 45 a soldier should hang his boots. 65 one is no longer fit in active participation in the army business.

dck 4 months ago

@sorojena a brigadier is not a soldier

@sorojena 4 months ago

😂 😁 😂 😂 😂 😂 You are an idiiiiot 😂 😂 not a soldier 😂 😂 😂

correction office 4 months ago

a brigadier is a soldier.whats your problem with sorojena?I hate when i.d.i.o.t.s flaunt their i.d.i.o.c.y.

Da Truth 4 months ago

dck don't venture out in territories that u don't have a clue.Stupidity is shown when one speaks.

Gwedu 4 months ago

Soldiers mature like wine. The more they grow the strong the ideas. They should just bring theur ideas in the table and not be active on ground!! RIP solder

commander Bruce 4 months ago


anti war & veterans 4 months ago

another one bites the dust 👍👍👍

Gwedu 4 months ago

Directed to Pindula

The way you delete some of our comments here will let us leave this platform for good to other platforms like Opera News. Don't be biased when it comes to deleting our comments. We need democracy here, when we say a spade let it be a spade than wanting us to call it a shovel.

Thank you

Heartbroken/Disappointed 🖤

Bigmeat 4 months ago

Ko what happened to Opera sports? it was the best .

4 months ago

haa ukanyora pano tisu hedu tinoto verenga,enda kufeedback Gwedu unotaura nyaya yako.ikoko unopindurwa kwete pacomment section


Gweks 4 months ago

Shame R.I.P soldier

kim kik 4 months ago

no farms in honde valley saka dzaive kumusha

sed 4 months ago

he collapsed at a Farm in Inyanga ,please the witer clearly tyoed Inyanga

Cmo 4 months ago

Rest in peace BG

pfacha 4 months ago

@kim zvanzi at his farm inNyanga

mwenewazvo 4 months ago

vanhu vane dambudziko rekuverenga zvavanoda kwete zvakanyorwaka.

takx 4 months ago

bonda nyanga hospitals ariko wani y hauna kure ft

kim kik 4 months ago

hauna hospital isn't close tu nyanga other than nyanga hospital or bonda hospital

wicked witch 4 months ago

if he was in nyanga y ferried tu Hauna since it iz far than bonda mission hospital or even munyanga mune hospital

wasu 4 months ago

nyanga iri kure nekuhauna ez compared tu bonda mission hospital or munyanga macho mutorine hospital ft

wireguard 444 4 months ago


Kim jong 4 months ago

Kkkk hokoyo iwe atevera queen rizabet baya iwe zvakangofanana

bhuru 4 months ago

zviriko izvi....fambai tione kana wangu mdhara akatorova pasi,,,,,,next

bhuru 4 months ago


mnhanga 4 months ago

Death of satan better

bhuru 4 months ago


bhuru 4 months ago


Gen 4 months ago

Magandanga ari kubayana pachavo. Soon we will establish a freighter train to ferry mourners to Heroes Acre, on a weekly basis

my prayer 4 months ago

dai mwari mangotora generation yose iyi,
taneta kubirwa nayo

Ngaaende ngaaende idho.dhi. 4 months ago

They hve taken the wrong one.Wish it was the actual one.MHSRIEP.

grieving 4 months ago

Ndichambochema Queen

Blue 💙 4 months ago


gora 4 months ago

rip bg makarwa kurwa kwakanaka

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