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Senior CIO Officers Get US$350 000 Housing Loans

Senior CIO Officers Get US$350 000 Housing Loans

The Zimbabwean government has reportedly given senior Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) directors US$350 000 housing loans each, according to The News Hawks.

An unnamed source was cited as saying that District Intelligence Officers will also be given backdated allowances. The source is quoted as saying:

There is a windfall for CIO. Senior directors who are regarded as deputy ministerial level are getting US$350 000 as housing allowances. District Intelligence Officers and above will get ZW$3 000 000, while those below have been given ZW$1 000 000 backdated allowances.

Besides that, an internal confidential circular has been written, saying no one is resigning. The memo basically says even those who have reached retirement can stay on until further notice.

This is a desperate bid to stop officers from quitting as they have been doing due to poor conditions of service. It’s also about elections.

The development comes barely months after reports that the cash-strapped government had given ministers US$500 000 and deputy ministers US$350 000 in housing allowances.

Members of Parliament were also allocated US$40 000 each in November last year, sparking a major outcry, especially against opposition MPs who were accused of joining the gravy train.

The loans totalled US$14 million for all 350 legislators.

Also late last year, the government began installing solar panels at the homes of more than 100 government officials, commissioners and service chiefs at the cost of US$14 000 per unit to cushion them from rolling nationwide power cuts lasting up to 18 hours.

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, said ministers’ loans were not budgeted for while MPs’ allowances were budgeted for.

Besides the US$40 000, MPs also got US$50 000 for cars, instead of US$80 000 which means there is “a balance of US$30 000.”

Analysts believe the loans are a strategy by the ruling ZANU PF to influence the outcome of the national elections scheduled for this year.

For decades now, ZANU PF has been accused of using state security forces to retain power by intimidating the electorate or manipulating the electoral processes. 

The CIO and other security forces have agents in the whole electoral process, including at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), where the secretariat is headed by Utloile Silaigwana a former army officer. He took over as chief elections officer from the late Lovemore Sekeramayi, a former top CIO officer.

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@@@ 2 weeks ago

This is politically. the forbs knoe elections are arnd the corner

Patriot 2 weeks ago

mbudzi inodya payakasungirirwa

Youth Isiri YeZanu 2 weeks ago

This is pure wickedness from this Zanu government. Workers are earning peanuts around 60 000 bond per month (US60) and they are sharing millions of US dollars among themselves. People should vote wisely and removed these selfish Zanu people.

Führer 2 weeks ago

What different are they from CCC mps who got 50000 but we're stingy just to donate 3000 or less to drill boreholes in their constituency. As you know CCC lead council's are failing to provide their constituents safe clean drinking water.

2 weeks ago

Ko zan"u yacho ngaiite drilling since they have sufficient funds to dispense as loans

2 weeks ago

If people want a better future they must make it happen.
Vote CCC 2023

2 weeks ago

This whole thing is financed by the poor employees who are earning an average of $200 per month and the vast majority of my fellow vendors, through the much hyped tax, with VAT recently increased to 15%, the 2% haaaaa let's do something to this regime

2 weeks ago

If you want a better future you must make it happen.
Vote CCC 2023

Poorvho 2 weeks ago

Nezuro ndakapiwa 1kg maize seed ne Zanu. Kupera kwa January here vakomana, vote yangu ngavakanganwe zvavo

covo nemapotato 2 weeks ago

kkkkk eee unodyara wozpdya mu**** ndega muna august

stallion 2 weeks ago

shuwa nyika Ichishaya magetsi first priority ichipiwa kunotenga mavotes tight

Tecla Kasonga 2 weeks ago

Vachavhoterna vega


Firelady 2 weeks ago

Ngavandipewo 8000rtgs ndibhadhere fees yemwana wangu chete andisi kumboda inodarika ipapo 😏

Junior Civil servants 2 weeks ago

We got nothing but we are more thn 300 000 we can change the game in elections. Ignore us at your own peril

Ali Tinasheba albamohamedi 2 weeks ago

I horror

CIO 2 weeks ago

KKK Gore rino mukasaba mucharomba

Mlindo 2 weeks ago

@ cio, tirikutotsvaga kwekuromba nhamo yacho yanyanya wangu.

Shocked 2 weeks ago

Are these guys allowed to resign kkkkk lm shocked l thought hausiye

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 2 weeks ago

Unongosiyazvee kkk kana kutodzingwa
Ko unoti vanebasa newe here
Unganyengererwa kupiwa Mari here nhy

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

i luv my country 😹🔥

Dispenser 2 weeks ago

This is taboo. At e expense of underpayed majority. Do you think those senior CIOs are going to change our thinking

mlambo naume 2 weeks ago

nhy vepindula hmutigadzirirewo hre Kuti titaure nehma neshamwari inbox yepindula cz data radhura

pindula 2 weeks ago

Haa zvema inbox no,,moguma mavakupfimbana pano,,

2 weeks ago

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