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Senegal Opposition MP Slaps Female Lawmaker In Parliament

Senegal Opposition MP Slaps Female Lawmaker In Parliament

A fistfight broke out among legislators in Senegal’s parliament on Thursday after a male opposition lawmaker slapped a female colleague in the face.

The attack reportedly happened during a budget presentation.

Opposition MP Massata Samb walked over and slapped Amy Ndiaye Gniby of the ruling Benno Bokk Yakaar (BBY) coalition, resulting in a brawl.

Gniby threw a chair back at Samb before another MP tackled her to the floor. The session was eventually suspended as MPs exchanged blows, accusations, and insults.

Samb was addressing the assembly about comments Gniby made over the weekend in which she criticised a spiritual leader opposed to a third term for Senegal President Macky Sall. Samb said:

Mister President, a deputy has stood in front of this tribune to insult someone’s marabout (spiritual leader).

Gniby made fun of Samb’s remarks and declared she did not care, after which Samb walked over and hit her, sparking a mass brawl among MPs.

In July this year, reports suggested that Sall will seek a third term in 2024. This resulted in the ruling party losing its comfortable parliamentary majority in elections held that month.

Since then, tension has been growing between ruling and opposition politicians.

Sall (60) has refused to state clearly whether he plans to run for a third term.

Currently, the Senegalese constitution provides for a two-term presidential limit but Sall’s supporters argue a constitutional reform reset the clock, allowing him to run again. | SABC News

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Yz 2 months ago

Kkkk haa ndaiona hangi fight yacho ummm dzimwe nyika ka ma one

Dofo 2 months ago

,,,threw a Chair before another MP tackled her😂😂ndozvaida Mtuli musiwe Budget

hasha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

typical opposition verbiage that lacks anything constructive

Vesto 2 months ago

What's so constructive about a whole Finance Minister allocating 53% of national resources to wages and salaries for the Civil Service?
@hdg you need to have your head examined

y 2 months ago

vesto you are wrong to think allocation of budget funds to worker upkeep is unconstructive.Most doctors and nurses are going outside the country for better salaries,if it wasn't for the intervation from office we could be left with no doctors waiting for the next generation which will still be unsatisfied. IN TWO WORD BRAIN DRAIN. ITS NOT GOOD

mafana 2 months ago

muno unomama

hasha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

well well we disciplined that Rhodesian they called Roy Bennet for trying to stand up to us as a ruling party we sent that late guy to prison that is what we shall continue to do to traitors
viva Patriotic Act

Dofo 2 months ago

Manyarara ka zvima itel zvenyu zvapera moto😂😂anonzo Soda iyeye

mbaliee d 2 months ago

uri**** nxaaa

Babalao 2 months ago

Apa vaSoda US$500000 yavo loan vakatotora kare kkkkk

Ngonono United 2 months ago

Our legislators will never fight in Parliament because vanenge vavete😴😴😴 most of the time.

blue diamond 2 months ago

espc paul mangwana namutsvangwa kkkkkkkkk

Bright 2 months ago

Vakamborwa kwakare asi akatanga noise iyoyo aiva mp we mdc murungu so


ndunge 2 months ago

vaimhanya ves vakarambana

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