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Senate President Mabel Chinomona Assumes APU Presidency

Senate President Mabel Chinomona Assumes APU Presidency

Mabel Chinomona, the president of the Zimbabwean Senate, began serving as the president of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) on Tuesday.

She was handed over the reins by her predecessor Mohamed Ali Houmed at the APU’s headquarters in Ivory Coast.

The Parliament of Zimbabwe announced the development in a statement on its official Twitter handle yesterday. Read the Twitter post:

 Hon. M.M Chinomona, President of the Senate & President of the African Parliamentary Union, travelled to Ivory Coast on a working visit to the APU headquarters.

The visit culminated in the handover of the leadership of the APU from H.E. Mohamed Ali Houmed to Hon. M. M. Chinomona.

In her remarks, Senator Chinomona extended her gratitude to her predecessor for his “capable leadership” of the APU over the previous three years, which was accomplished in the midst of exceptionally challenging conditions relating to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

The African Legislative Union (APU) was founded in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on February 13, 1976, with the goal of fostering cooperation among the parliamentary bodies of all African republics.

APU is affiliated with the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

APU holds an annual conference and other events to discuss issues of concern, share experiences and make recommendations to the African Union (AU) and other organisations. It also promotes parliamentary democracy and cooperation with other regions of the world.

Chinomona was elected Chairperson of the Executive Committee of APU during the 44th APU Conference held in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) on 9 and 10 November 2022.

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Tintin 3 days ago

ma momz akauraya nyika...afunga manje kuuraya africa

3 days ago

Africa yagara yakafa kuita chitunha chedhódhi rekatsi chaiyo! Useless Continent with **** people

Mable chinomona 3 days ago

tiri pabasa mwanangu zvikafamba mushe Touraya Africa futi

Zuze 2 days ago

Ehe hazvo, asi musazotikanyira zita wenyika ikoko nechi h.u.r.e. chenyu.

Führer 3 days ago

Makorokoto amhlope izvi zvaratidza kuti Africa yose inotemba ne bato re ZANU PF bato guru my Africa. Aumbofe wakanzwa **** ye bato re ka bato ke CCC.

3 days ago

@Fuhrer ndofunga mudzimai kana murume wake ari patight Anofanira kunge anorara achingovhumuka CCC chete Uchatizwa nemumwe wako 😂😂😂

Vesto 3 days ago

@Führer, your fascist colours show. First, APU is a Parliamentary organisation in which speakers (of lower houses) and presiding officers of upper houses are ex officio members of plenum. Ordinary members come from ALL PARTIES represented in every parliament. Leadership is not by party.

Personally I have plenty beef with APU, especially when juxtaposed against the EU Parliament. Truly democratic parliaments are rare in Africa. Even Dictatorships are represented in APU. Whereas in Europe each country actually has elections for the European Parliament, rather than the de facto/ex officio system in APU. It was a laughing matter that the prime supporter was Muammar Quaddafi, who NEVER allowed elections in Libya.

@Vesto 3 days ago

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topi 3 days ago


Trent 3 days ago


popo 3 days ago

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mai denzel 3 days ago

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Jinn 3 days ago

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Hezvoo 3 days ago

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