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'Selling Gas From Residential Premises Illegal'

'Selling Gas From Residential Premises Illegal'

Harare City Council has warned residents that it is illegal for anyone to sell Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) from residential premises.

Harare City Council spokesperson, Michael Chideme, urged residents to report people who sell LP gas from their residences. He said:

It is not allowed to sell gas in residential premises because of the dangers it causes to human life and properties in the event of an explosion.

As city council, we are also enforcing the regulations when such people operate outside the law and we are also asking people to report anyone who is violating the laws to come forward.

This comes after an entire family in Eyestone, part of the Retreat area in southern Harare, perished in a fire caused by a gas explosion.

A couple and its three children were killed around 8.30 PM on Wednesday when gas from a gas tank believed to be faulty exploded in their two-roomed house and ignited a fire.

Following the explosion, the 48kg gas tank went through the roof and landed 50 metres away.

The deceased, who are from Gokwe, were identified as Kudzai Gozhora (32), his wife Shupikai Makwara (30) and their three daughters, Valentine (11), Monalisa (seven) and Trumpfree (13 months).

Neighbours vainly tried to extinguish the fire which reportedly lasted for about 30 minutes, but by then the family had already perished.

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