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Self-confessed Goblin Seller Says He Has 12 Wives, 100 Children

Self-confessed Goblin Seller Says He Has 12 Wives, 100 Children

A Chitungwiza-based traditional healer, Sekuru Kafura, says he has sired 100 children and is married to 12 wives, excluding three that died in the past five years.

The 68-year-old is a self-confessed seller of goblins, and a successful businessman and farmer.

The Malawi-born traditional healer loves flashy, expensive cars and his garage holds 35 vehicles, among them the latest BMWs, Ford Rangers, Mercedes-Benz and commuter omnibuses.

He said his very large family consumes a beast every week and spends US$826 every week on bread alone. He said:

There is nothing to be ashamed of. I sell goblins to whoever can afford them. I have been doing this since 1972 and this is not a secret.

… When it comes to goblins, we have three packages. We charge US$2 500, US$1 500 and US$500 for the three packages on offer.

Unlike the typical traditional healer, Sekuru Kafura, who resides in Unit J, Chitungwiza, is a well-dressed teetotaller who does not take traditional snuff.

He told The Sunday Mail that he is currently training four of his children to become traditional healers after he is gone. He said:

They will only become fully-fledged traditional healers after I am gone. My father taught me this craft and I only started healing people long after my father had died.

I will do the same with my sons; I will not allow a situation in which I will one day compete for clients with my own children.

Sekuru Kafura warned people who are reportedly using his name to defraud his clients. He said:

I am aware of people who are using my good name to rob people. My clients are being robbed in broad daylight.

What I can only say is that those that are doing this must stop or face the consequences.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Pindula News 4 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, please be advised that it has come to our attention that we are being accused of being vicariously liable and responsible for all forms of vulgar language being perpetrated on this platform. We have pondered on some short term measures to bring this inhuman behavior to a screeching halt. Therefore, sooner or rather than later, we going to introduce an email based comment section where one is required to confirm his/her email password and phone number before posting a comment for the purposes of tracking those who are not morally upright.

Regards 4 months ago

@mboko wakanyanya kkkkk

🤨🤨 4 months ago

Endai mega mukoma mupedze vamwe henyu

Gogodera 4 months ago

People handei kunopuwa tiite mari pane kugara tichingochema

booster jab 4 months ago

For those who dont know,Radio stations in zim are now live streaming programs on youtube & facebook so we can literaly say we saw something on radio.

Daily prophecy 4 months ago

Gaya uripowo pa 100 vana


😴 4 months ago

Is sekuru kafura a man of God.
Mira ugonzwe hako

Beasty boy 4 months ago

@Oxford,yeah i saw him and even got the video.Facebook,Google e.t.c bro,the new era of Technology.We watch Radio my master.

Beasty boy 4 months ago

It is not Sekuru Kafura but Sekuru Kafera,i saw him on Weird Wednesday @Power FM being interveiwed by Tinashe Chikuse..

Imwe Mbeu › Oxford University Graduate 4 months ago

No, saw him for sure on PowerFM, they do a live stream on their Facebook page (daaah!)

Chief 4 months ago

@Oxford ko wadirei kuisa English yausingagoni.. You saw him or heard him on the radio? I *guest* apa English is not your thing. Cambridge GCE Revision Guide inotoisa nema common mistakes in English iwe zvako wakaita Zimsketch (zimsec)woda kupindana nevamwe hard. Uite bho

Sponono 4 months ago

@Oxford chimbomira kumkira vanhu iwe. Tese toziva zvaataura siyayi munhu. One mudzvanyiriri Zanu chete kwete munhuwo njewo zvake uyo. Zvekufoira kwake chirungu pa O revhu hazvina basa chikuru ndechekuti tinaye pa puratifomu iyoyi

Bright 4 months ago

Yaiva live interview pa Facebook

Tarie 4 months ago

Myb akaona kaa pafb page ye power fm

Oxford University Graduate 4 months ago

You saw him or heard him on the radio? I guest English is not your thing

Sponono 4 months ago

Vaya vanoda zvema opportunity iyo yavhurika 2500 watopinda

Matrix 4 months ago

Going for lessons 🙈 Kuna Sekuru

Imwe mbeu 4 months ago

Yangu yepagore ndoyavo yeChingwa cheWeek😂😂 ndotodawo maLessons 🙌🏽

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