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Seh Calaz's Ex-wife, Moira Knight, Granted $45 000 Maintenance

Seh Calaz's Ex-wife, Moira Knight, Granted $45 000 Maintenance

Musician Seh Calaz’s ex-wife, Moira Knight, has been granted ZWL$45 000 by a Harare magistrate after the estranged couple’s maintenance dispute spilt into the courts.

In her application, Moira claimed US$1 050, and US$2 450 as a once-off payment and an equal share of the two’s matrimonial property and medical fees.

However, Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga rejected Moira’s claims and instead ordered Seh Calaz, real name Tawanda Mumanyi, to pay $45 000 as monthly maintenance effective 31 March until the child reaches the age of 18. Taruvinga ruled:

She was demanding US$300 for rentals, US$120 (electricity), US$45 (gas), US$100, US$110 (clothes) and transport US$100.

The monthly maintenance of US$1 050 is above the respondent’s income and in my view not realistic.

The respondent is ordered to pay $45 000 as monthly maintenance effective March 31st until the child reaches the age of 18.

Moira will furnish the clerk of court with her local banking details.

The maintenance has been broken down as $15 000 for food, $10 000 (rent), clothes (5 000), medicals (5 000), utilities ($5 000) and ancillary ($5 000).

Meanwhile, Seh Calaz’s lawyer claims the order is unrealistic and based on “speculative evidence as well as inadmissible evidence.”

The musician said he will appeal against the magistrate’s decision at the High Court.

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3 months ago

simboti 3 months ago

chek chek chengeta mhuri yako uri celeb iwe , zvozoita here kuti mhuri yako inonge svosve nemuromo ndiwe wakavadzidzisa kalife ke chicken and chips🍟🍗 ...45000rtgs=$160 atlist vanombodyawo ice cream ye $ for 2

Chirasha 3 months ago

Kanoiwanep akoo kabhadhit

Baba Gumede 3 months ago

ama slay Queens kkkkkkkkkk


Babalao 3 months ago

Akazvisungiria ega Calaz pakuita gweta panyaya yemaintanance. Court mostly inoti kana munhu uchikwanisa service yegweta iri pakati pe US$250-350 per session vanokupa maintenance between or above that range. It's just that ashandisirwa Official forex rate ndosaka mari yawanda

Seh Calaz Legal team 3 months ago

we as Legal team will fight tooth and nail for appeal with this ruling forthwith..
According to PDL of Zim 45ks rtgs can b equated as double salary for 2 civil servants my client Tawanda is jus a hustler who want to make things in life his business had no certainity they is no job security on that Artist line of business

Even if lockdown is announced oiday where do you think Our client will get th money from

ED will shut th arts space by saying its a non essential busin
The judge is compelled by us to review downward the pegged child care fee
we wi rose our appeal to th supreme court th legal fratenity wasnt pleasing at us includiung my client

th magistrate.. was biased on th issuie

kwinjo 3 months ago

nyora chirungu chakanaka izvo zvakashonyongoka

chikiti.. musavengana 3 months ago

this is unheard...

Thula Msindo 3 months ago

💃🏃Moira and Calaz, l feel for your child. This is not a good foundation. Bhanditi, some people may be trying to fix you for openly attacking them and supporting CCC.

However, my brother do not let it hurt you, just take it the way it is-looking after your baby. That is honourable🐤
😒Hey Wena, Moira Calaz, Thula Msindo🦍

Blade 3 months ago

Anomitiswa achiiteii kupusa ikoko

cute 3 months ago

45000 is not enough the bhanditi guy should pay more money so that he will stop playing and pregnanting our sisters

Sekuru 3 months ago

Callz shld just pay maintenance and stop this high court nonsense be a father

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Ndizvozvo zvinoitika mwana komana ukaisa chigumwe chako chikatyokeramo wotoziva waparara😂😂😂🎺🎹🎺🎹🎺🎹🎤

Zvimbazi Executive 3 months ago

@thula Musindo a u in Byo today lets meet if are available iam in Byo town for a 5day workshop ,Thula Msindo where can we meet do u take liquir as well i had 5cases in my car for free i dnt drink iam a sober young men of 23years

alsin 3 months ago

this isn't fair ...a civil servant is getting less money than 45000...where wil he get it ...20 or 25 might work because iye calaz wacho shld b left with money for all his bills

Executive Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Asi sir calaz i civil servant ?🐴

sirah 3 months ago

ma**** bronco anoda mari

mzukuru 3 months ago

oh appeal for reviewind doenward mari yakawandisa iyo Music haisikubhadhara zvekudaro ndyani anowana 10usd yeku band asina hupfu

Figo 3 months ago

From us$1050 to us$150...let's be realistic,even $100 is enough

🐞 3 months ago

ma**** amamirwa nabhadhitii 45000 zw hachisi chinhu ....

Sparta 3 months ago

calaz. supporter chamisa thus why azvamburwa
anyway tomuba akadaro bhandit

Chapwititi Kestombela 3 months ago

These celebrities of ours, Moira should have been modest about all this. Maintenance is the last resort when all else has failed. ZWL$45 000 is too much still 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. It must be reduced to ZWL$10 000 only

👰👰👰👰 3 months ago


👰👰👰👰👰 3 months ago

Takaimbo ibata iyoyi ZWL$10000💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

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