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Seh Calaz Torches Social Media Storm With A Tweet That Endorsed Chamisa

Seh Calaz Torches Social Media Storm With A Tweet That Endorsed Chamisa

Zim Dancehall chanter, Tawanda Mumanyi, better known as Seh Calaz in the music circles has torched a social media storm after posting a tweet that endorsed opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Seh Calaz sent a birthday message to Chamisa, who leads the newly-formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC party, and claimed that the 44-year-old politician is the one tasked with bringing salvation to Zimbabwe. 

Speaking amid worsening political, economic and humanitarian crises in the Southern African country, the “Mabhanditi” hitmaker said:

I would like to wish @nelsonchamjsa, Happy Birthday to the man with the task of securing a future for our generation and that of our children. May the Lord bless you with wisdom and patience and a long memory that will always remember how our generation suffered.#Shotreipapo.

Others said Calaz should work and feed his own family than wait on Chamisa to fix things in their families. Another one said:

musicians with waning carriers now using CCC to boost their music carrier. Winky akatomuka nazvo, Makalima akati handingasariri, nanaCalaz varipowo kuzama kurarama. [Winky D, Sanii Makhalima, Seh Calaz are reviving their careers by praising the Chamisa-led CCC.]

Others backed Calaz saying everyone, including artistes, could be better off in an enabling environment – where the economy is not inflationary, where taxes are not high.

Barely five months ago, Seh Calaz received overwhelming backlash on social media after wishing President Emmerson Mnangagwa a happy birthday.

As Mnangagwa turned 79 on 15 September 2021, Calaz took to social media to wish him a happy birthday in a social media post that attracted over 13 000 reactions. He wrote:

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Happy Birthday Your Excellency Mr President.,Road manake mukurova munandi mukuru wangu, mukuru we Zimbabwe haa zvaizvezvi, tikatakura zvimoko hazvichanzwa simbi dzichirira mumota.Ndinovimba Tsamba Yangu yakasvika isina kurohwa dilution ikawanzwa mvura kuti ishaye taste🙏🇿🇼More life chibaba👏Respecf👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿 (Happy birthday President ED Mnangagwa, thank you for the work you are doing on our roads, driving has become smooth).

But this did not go well with many of his fans who criticised him for singing Mnangagwa praises. While some argued that fixing roads does not improve the economy, some blasted him for “bootlicking” to gain favours. Calaz remained unfazed. He responded back then:

Ndaona ndamutsa zvipoko zvepa social media zvakangwarira kuda kutsoma vanhu but haaa ini kana hamuhwinhi, Go and Register to Vote Siyanai Neni. CHEKUTANGA: Ed sandiye president wemuno here and isn’t i my right to say happy birthday to him? and nekutozowedzera zvandonzwa kuda kuwedzera?

In Zimbabwe, artistes, save for a few musicians such as Thomas Mapfumo, have been avoiding publicly and or directly commenting or singing on political matters for fear of being victimised.

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joeboy 1 month ago

guyz wenhamo ndewenhamo chero mukomana apinda hake

joeboy 1 month ago

guyz wenhamo ndewenhamo chero mukomana apinda hake

joeboy 1 month ago

guyz wenhamo ndewenhamo chero mukomana apinda hake

joeboy 1 month ago

guyz wenhamo ndewenhamo chero mukomana apinda hake

Khalifa 2 months ago


. 3 months ago

Kachamisa kenyu hakambotonge Zimbabwe

Mubhanditi 3 months ago

Check Check Check


Vxt 3 months ago

Yellow Zimbabwe ,how are you this morning!!!

P.M 3 months ago

Varume endai kumaruzevha yellow irikutonga hameno kuti todii nayo kuti tidzose vanhu

magafuli 3 months ago

Rimwe tirikutii dnot blame the government ne situation yako...Dzimwe nguva unoshaya ukutii munhu uyu anogara muZimbabwe here kana kutii chi

Chura🐸 3 months ago


chimuti 3 months ago

Handicheuke nhamo yandakaona cheu cheu 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Zodoc Chikaponya 3 months ago

Hameni 💛💛💛

Zvagarazviriko 3 months ago

Ndati ngapinde zvake mkomana CCC forever kudhakwirwa kana kusadhakwirwa enough is enough

Zodoc Chikaponya 3 months ago


Captain 3 months ago

Hapana zviripo team yellow yakadhomoka,people should grow up and stop blaming their situation on the government, people are making it in this tight economy,for once Zimbos need kuziwa chokwadi kuty wether Chamisa or ED akapinda hazvina zvazvinobatsira pahupenyu hwako kana zvakakudhakwira uchangoramba wakadhakwirwa nezvinhu, imagine urimuromo anogara ghetto pita vana 5 😅😅😅 then you expect the government to take care of your kids nxaaaa live within your means. Calaz vakurasika mumwe wangu

Senior Citizen 3 months ago

You're shallow minded my friend,A working economy makes everything go smoothly including Health care, Education,Road infrastructure,parchasing power for your salary/money n left with change, working industries Wich mean more employment to the public , affordable transport people won't have to wait for hours waiting for the unreliable Zupco buses ,,,asi iwewe you won't see that because you're shallow minded neZanu pf ,, Zimbabweans just want a working economy with a government that respects human rights ,rule of law , property rights so that you won't woke up uchinzii your USD funds in your bank account are now RTGS ,
But with current regime that won't happen , things will never get better but only expect the worst from the Zanu pf regime


PasiNezanu 3 months ago

😂😂😂😂 kaZanu Pf mentality

Zodoc Chikaponya 3 months ago

At your own age you still think like an A**Hole nxaaah.

Zodoc Chikaponya 3 months ago

MaZanu muri mweya yehurombe

Imwe Mbeu 3 months ago

Ukuziva iwe

WaveOfChange 3 months ago

Happy birthday to my President


CCCIsTheNewThingInTown 3 months ago


Zodoc Chikaponya 3 months ago

Hameno nyaya iyo ndeyeyi I just feel like texting Yellowstone 💛🇿🇼🇿🇼 is the only way to a better destiny and anointed future.

Wishing you all a happy new yellow 💛💛💛 month of February.

Just feeling yellow sooo

Doroguru 3 months ago

Bva kana achipinda uchangopinda hake mukomana ☝️☝️

Tkt 3 months ago

Haaa kaku rasika manje kafana aka, iyaaaaa

YELLOW BUS 3 months ago

Munhu wese muYELLOW BUS.

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