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Security Guards Threaten Industrial Action

Security Guards Threaten Industrial Action

Security guards have threatened to embark on a strike after negotiations with employers reached a deadlock.

Currently, the lowest paid security guard earns ZWL$35 000 and employers offered to pay them $65 000 for the month of July, $75 000 for August and $85 000 in September.

The Private Security Workers Union (PSWU), which represents more than 10 security companies, is demanding a minimum salary of US$254 per month.

Addressing security guards at a feedback meeting in Bulawayo on Monday, Mdladla Nduna, a PSWU negotiator said:

We are not rejecting the RTGS as a legal tender but it must be anchored on the exchange rate so that it doesn’t fluctuate in value.

The employers wanted to stagger salaries to pay $48 000 for July, $59 000 for August and $61 000 for September. That was their position which we did not accept.

The employers upped their offer to $50 600 in July, $61 000 for August and $83 000 for September and we were still not moved.

Nduna revealed that at the latest meeting, employers made the latest offer of $65 000 for July but workers flatly rejected it. He said:

We refused and said looking at the volatility of the RTGS they better pay us RTGS 100 000 for July then we sit down to discuss salaries for August and September. The employers said it’s too much,” said the negotiator.

If we divide the $100 000 by the current formal exchange rate of US$1: ZW$392 that money is US$254 and this US$254 will only settle for the month of July.

Nduna said that following the deadlock, the matter was referred to the full council of the National Employment Council (NEC), which is the highest decision-making body.

President of PSWU, Gilbert Zhou said security firms charged at least US$27 an hour and usually, premises were guarded for 12 hours.

After receiving a consensus from the security workers, PSWU Secretary General, John Tarisai Manyuchi, said he would draft a letter to the three employer boards notifying them about their intentions. He added:

We will wait for the NEC’s full council to meet first to discuss the matter, the date which will be communicated to us by the NEC secretary general.

Then we will notify them about our intentions by serving them the letter.

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.. 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂The whole country wants salary increase

User 3 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

The whole country is on strike except soldiers and the plice 🤔
Rtgs$ has failed to help citizens put food on the table...

dispenser 3 weeks ago

Nyika ngaingovarwa iyi ka one

Chikanda 3 weeks ago

Mnangagwa haasi kusvika kuelection achitonga . July 2023 kwaita kure BATAI MAZWI AYA munyore pasi

RG mugabe 3 weeks ago

ndakagara ndazviona.kuti vakomana hamukwanisi kutonga.

Dre 3 weeks ago

Threats only no action


Chasura 3 weeks ago

Yaaah makwkw

pinocchio 3 weeks ago

please 🙏 go to strike tiwane kuba😀😀😀😀😀

Gwedu 3 weeks ago

Why are we wasting our resources in ZUPCO, as I'm speaking someone is draining diesel from the tank now. All Zupco franchises are drained extra fuel pakati pehusiku. Sei vachipa ma driver diesel riri extra sei now, everyday they drain more than 80 litres each day but vabereki vachishaya transport. absolutely nonsense !!

Muntuza 3 weeks ago

Sure some Security companies abuse their guards giving them peanuts, hence the escalation of armed robberies and fake heists. How can a big company like Nokel or Homeguard etc operate without a workers committee? The law must intervene and make it illegal for a company to operate without a functional workers committee. I wonder how such companies met the ISO standards when they have no workers committee structures in them to guard against abuse of workers.

..... 3 weeks ago

J&P is the worst in terms of abuse.

Guard 3 weeks ago

Ko fawset isei

i 3 weeks ago

tipeiwo mari anhuwe chando chinouraya ichi .tenge tichidawo kunzwa tea shuwa.

Concerned guard 3 weeks ago

If these companies are charging $27 per hour, they are making a lot of money but they don't want to pay their guards even a $1 per hour. This country is full of heartless employers

Fawcett 3 weeks ago

uku tobharwa hauni team redu kusimba kutsvinda. haa tigere tatata

Chirasamweya 3 weeks ago

Dai fawcett yai bhadhara vashandi venyu vanga dai vafamba netsoka vachibva kubasa kuenda kutown netsoka or kukwira mumuti vachitsvaga huni unoona Murume mukuru ari kumusorosoro achihaka huni kushaya mari yetenga gas

sugar boy 3 weeks ago

kkkkkkk ma guard anoto pindawo pa strike

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