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Security Agents Demolish Makeshift Footbridge Across Limpopo River

Security Agents Demolish Makeshift Footbridge Across Limpopo River

The National Security Task Force (NTF) has demolished an illegal makeshift bridge that was being used by smugglers and border jumpers to cross into Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The bridge made of wood was constructed recently about 1km east of the New Limpopo Bridge and those who erected the structure were charging smugglers and border jumpers fees of between R20 and R100 to cross.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi urged the public to always use the formal port of entry between SA and Zimbabwe. He said:

As the police, we want to warn those engaging in crime along the border that their days are numbered.

We encourage those who want to travel or move goods between Zimbabwe and South Africa to always use the formal and legal port of entry.

Reports suggest that there are over 200 illegal crossing points along the 250km border of the Limpopo River.

The most common illegal crossing points are Pandamine, River Ranch, Dite, Mawale, Mai Maria, Gate 2 and Musetshe.

A border official on Wednesday said smugglers and border jumpers were taking advantage of the receding water levels in Limpopo River in recent weeks to create more entry points.

In 2021, security agents destroyed another makeshift bridge near the National Parks compound that is infested with crocodiles and hippopotamuses.

More: The Herald

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Swagger 1 month ago

Armed robbers are smuggling guns through those illegal entrances

Tintin 1 month ago

tinovaka rimwe

limbo 1 month ago

never destroy what others has built but instead arrest the users fullstop

🌶️🌶️🌶️ 1 month ago

The constructors should be hired to construct bridges in some remote areas where the gvt is failing to construct standard ones

David Zvirahwa 1 month ago

manje vanenge vavharira vanhu asi vanhu vakatiza xenophobia napo 🤕☠️🇿🇦🇿🇼

zanu 1 month ago

this guys should be given contracts to build a bullet train bridges in the future

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