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SDA Church Criticised Over Comments On Hichilema, Pope Francis Meeting

SDA Church Criticised Over Comments On Hichilema, Pope Francis Meeting

Zambia’s United Party for National Development (UPND) has castigated the Seventh-day Adventist Church for reportedly criticising President Hakainde Hichilema for his recent meeting with the head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis at the Vatican.

UPND activist, Joseph Kalimbwe, said the SDA Church has no moral authority to criticise Hichilema, a devout Adventist, over his meeting with the Pope after the church failed to speak out when the former opposition leader was unjustly jailed by the government of his predecessor, Edgar Lungu. Said Kalimbwe:

Our leader, Hakainde Hichilema was beaten & put in prison; the SDA was silent. The Catholic church spoke out while the SDA said they “don’t involve themselves in politics” & watched their son be treated as an outcast. Now they complain of him meeting the Pope. Give me a break!

Hichilema was received by Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday morning and later met with Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and Mirosław Stanisław Wachowski, the Undersecretary for the Relations with States at The Holy See.

According to Lusaka Times, Pope Francis presented Hichilema with a mosaic of the biblical figure of Noah, with the words “With Noah God opens a way of salvation, for the creation and for every human being.”

For his part, Hichilema offered Pope Francis a sculpture in wood and copper representing the typical musical instruments of Zambia.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Vatican News on the sidelines of his visit to the Vatican, Hichilema said:

I am glad to be here, and I am grateful to the Vatican and the establishment for giving us this opportunity to meet the Pope early in our presidency -we are still less than six months into office. We are really grateful.

We as a government will embrace all religious organisations in our country. They all have space, and they all have the right to basically promote their evangelical work.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has intense disdain for the Roman Catholic Church, and the Papacy, and considers the two institutions the Harlot Church of Revelation and the Antichrist, respectively.

More: Lusaka Times

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Manzukah 2 months ago

Pope akatiuraira Chitendero Mwari ngavapindire

Manzukah 2 months ago

Pope akatiuraira Chitendero Mwari ngavapindire

Rwadzi Gunsmoke 2 months ago

SDA ine prblm besides zveZambia izvi iyo pachayo muZCC haidi kupinda they think ndivo vega vane chokwadi but kwese kunamata wthr wanamata Saturday or Sunday hre mese kushingirira kupinda Hushe hwedenga

Issue iyi yaPresident church haina right kupindira mafambiro ake koz akugadzirisa zvenyika we all know World yese kuti every President pasi rose anotoenda Vartican City kuti zvimufambire

Crierage Vheremu 2 months ago

Yes unity is good in itself but never should we unite at the comprise of the truth.Sunday was a day invented by men and the Sabbath commandment was instituted by God even at the beginning in Eden before sin entered. Should we then obey men or God?Obviously we ought to obey God rather than men who alone can make a day holy.True worshipping is obeying what God commanded not what men have instituted because it's only God who can save us.

😴 2 months ago

It is their choice as a SDA. Inga imi seZCC munoramba wani mukanzi nehurumende itai mubatanidzwa neveAfrican Traditional Religion or Evangelicals and mukumbirire nyika for things like peace zvayo kana mvura. Munoti mahedheni...

Khalifa 2 months ago

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2 months ago

2 months ago

Pinkpig_Liliputians 2 months ago

This guy has been given chimwari chinonzi Noah by the pope...selling Zambia or getting "anointing" from those that murdered the saints.
For Christians, Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation for man kwete Noah. Of course other religions have their own beliefs. But for Christians ummm papa mavakunamatisa vanhu zvidhoma.
I now understand why satan achinzi god of this wicked system of things...muZambia like anywhere else hazvifi zvakanaka.

Carti 2 months ago

@pinkpug Lilliputian washaya

Pinkpig-Lilliputians 2 months ago

He is the head of state and he was there in that capacity not as a member of SDA...and l said for those who believe in Christ,l in no way am attacking other religions.
Zvivi zvamadzibaba, idolatry,will affect the nations. That is why we have Mbuya Nehanda's idol standing in Harare now. ATR believes her spirit will cause things to be well in Zimbabwe and it took the president in his capacity as president to have it erected and dedicated...national gods and goddesses.
Also, look at politics and this system of things through history: the majority of presidents and other national leaders across the globe at some point visit the pope for a ceremony like this.Hazvinaki pasi rino tisanyeberane. For Christians Jesus Christ is the way of salvation not an idol of Noah that Hichilemw was given and as Pope said.

MuGrade 2 2 months ago

Not Zambia buh SDA...e issue is e SDA vs of Zambia,is a country of different religions, traditional culture being e najority

Bright 2 months ago

Ummm wakazvinzwa kpi izvi

Sponono 2 months ago

Zvidhakera kose kuma Church

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