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Scott Sakupwanya Voted As Councillor of The Year

Scott Sakupwanya Voted As Councillor of The Year

ZANU PF ward 21 councillor for Mabvuku, Scott Sakupwanya, who is a well-known gold buyer, was voted as the 2022 Councillor of The Year in Harare Metropolitan Province.

Harare Metropolitan provincial secretary Tafadzwa Muguti said Sakupwanya had changed the face of Mabvuku.

Over the weekend, Harare Metropolitan held its inaugural provincial awards, which honoured residents, businesspersons and people who excelled in the fields of arts, sports and others in 2022.

Addressing stakeholders at the awards ceremony, Muguti said:

Many people are wondering how Sakupwanya won the award. Mabvuku was one of the dirtiest places and a councillor went there and bought refuse compactors.

He has been drilling boreholes using his own funds. We want to encourage people to start to know their councillors. We need to hold them to account.

Meanwhile, the Ruwa Local Board won three awards at the inaugural Harare Metropolitan provincial awards.

The local authority bagged three awards for best Harare Metropolitan Council, its mayor Kizito Chivafa was honoured as best mayor, and the board also got the top investment award.

Speaking to NewsDay, Ruwa Local Board town secretary Kumbirai Madanhi said:

It is hard to put this feeling into words. Nevertheless, we are very ecstatic and glad that our hard work and resilience have put us above the rest.

We believe in zero tolerance for corruption and have emphasised daily to our councillors, management and operatives that all and sundry must comply with the legislative framework.

Chivafa said he always championed due diligence and transparency among the nine Ruwa Local Board councillors. He said:

I always encourage due diligence and transparency among us. Our stakeholders are the most important sector, hence the need to satisfy them, and it has to be driven by passion, constant internal audits and yearly external audits help us to restrain from corruption.

| NewsDay

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i_am_shumba 1 month ago

own funds kuita sei. vatanga kunyepa

Totito 1 month ago

Kana munhu akayita development nemari yekuba, anonzi ashandisa mari yaani?

calisto 1 month ago

kkkkkkkkk mbavhaa yegoridhe nana mnangagwa jr kkkkkkkkkk

Doug 1 month ago

People who use personal funds to help the community usually remain silent. If he won because he used his own funds then we would say that he bought the vote. What happened is like voting for manager of the year the manager (not the even the director or owner), who used his personal funds to run the company.

Dofo 1 month ago

Vana Scott mbavha dze goridhe

shocked resident 1 month ago

what exactly did this so called scott done which brings him to limelight if you look closely there is no meaningful development zanu yagara inohumana ipapa anenge asina chaaita no councilor will use his own money inhema chaidzo musatinyepere

nonsense 1 month ago

awarding mediocre


mubhabhatidzi 1 month ago

ichokwadi here kut vanhu vese varikungoti Morocco forED

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Vagari vekuMabvuku tiudzei wo kuti ichokwadi kwai kwenyu kwaita budiriro

1 month ago

zvibhorani arikuchera asi pamarara apo vanyepa

skun 1 month ago

mari Yakuba hairwadze kushandisa..but welldone Robin hood of mabvuku

ward 21 1 month ago

we love scott kuno kumabvuku becoz anoba achidya nevamwe he is sending kids to school imagine paying for the whole skul the whole year

Gwedu 1 month ago

very soon he will join others on the US sanctions list!!

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