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Schools Not Ready For Opening - Teachers

Schools Not Ready For Opening - Teachers

The Progressive Teachers Union Zimbabwe (PTUZ) says schools are not ready to open for the first term as the five fundamentals that can guarantee the successful opening of schools are lacking.

In a statement on Sunday, PTUZ president Takavafira Zhou identified the fundamentals as the ability of teachers to report for work, the ability of parents to pay fees, meaningful engagement between the Government and teachers’ unions, motivation of teachers and, the prioritisation of health and safety of teachers, learners and ancillary staff in schools in order to combat COVID-19.

Zhou said instead of addressing the issues, the Government has resorted to command and control tactics by declaring that schools are ready to open this Monday. Said Zhou:

To expect a teacher that earned $19 000 to pay school fees for his/her child at $190 000 in some boarding schools where fees have been approved by the Government is a ludicrous hallucination of the worst order.

He said the only remedy is for the Government to engage teachers and restore their purchasing power parity pegged at US$540. Zhou said:

… the only remedy to the suffering of teachers is the restoration of the purchasing power parity of their salaries (UD$540) as well as myriads of education sector-specific allowances agreed upon over the past five years but that have fallen short where it matters most, viz, implementation.

Teachers have a locus standi (legal right) to claim US$540 as this salary was culled without engaging them or their representatives and was therefore callous and a monument of unfair labour practice.

Having exhausted all possible means to restore the US$540, tired of the Government prevarication and firefighting antics, cognisant of Government unwillingness to address their plight teachers of Zimbabwe have unwaveringly, unflinchingly, resolutely and resiliently declared their incapacitation to the Government.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima appealed to teachers to report for duty as schools open for the first term this Monday saying their grievances are being addressed.

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MaFyt ka_Tkt 3 months ago

@Emerson robert

wangu i've since noticed kuti,you,are the Identity Thief apa, Mafyt, Tkt, Fyt, Mboko, EG PFUU & Vybz Kartel are not the same, i this morning suffered that hence my Apology to one family member ashaudwa using my Name, you are wrong.

Timbers 3 months ago

Panotaurwa zvematicha rimwe benzi unongohwa richiti pamberi nezanu zvodyidzana papi pacho nxaaaaaaaa kumwe kusaenda kuchikoro kwakatokanganisa brain dzevamwe vanhu

Very stupid indeed

Tt she 3 months ago

Boo makadaro ma teacher...rambai makadzvanya

Tt she 3 months ago

Teachers l like yu kana tazogara

Human being 3 months ago

Well done teachers keep it up takuvara nenzara mungatibatsirewo tesetese


chikiti.. musavengana 3 months ago

teachers i hate you...

Emerson robert 3 months ago

your name says it all@musavengana why say hate

Mubereki 3 months ago

Ndanz na madam vemwanangu tichashanda kana Hondo yapera ndikati asi une Hondo zvikanz Hondo dziri pakasiyana Vela zvkoro nhasi hzvina mateacher

EG PFUUU 3 months ago


Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Ini ndozvimirira ndega ini

Emerson robert 3 months ago

vybz kartel , tkt,eg pfuu and mboko is one person changing his name i have noticed it

Zyl 3 months ago

Maticha ngavagare pasi,havangadzidzisi vana vevamwe vavo vakagara.ini ndinovasapota,kuti munhu ashande kunge ane peace of mind

Sangoma 3 months ago


Ngwendesa 3 months ago

Tsikai chepakati teachers good work isu ku health takatsikwa konzii kuna CDE Minister VP Guruvheyaa vakabata pfuti zvakawona weduwe kungonzi nyarara ini ndichingotsunyiwa

Ngwendesa 3 months ago

Sumpuru u are hot kkkkk keep the good work

Simpuru 3 months ago

Ini nditori kumba izvezvi. Drinking tea then @10 am I'll start teaching my own kids. Simpuru

Simpuru 3 months ago

Vele asiyi ndawo. I'm done with my grade 2 daughter. Now onto my grade 5 son. In the afternoon we do some bit of reading then I'm done for the day. ✌️Asijiki

》》》 3 months ago

Simpuru😅😅😅 you've made my Monday ekuseni so. Vele lingayi💪💪💪!!!

Citizen 3 months ago

Well-done teachers...keep the momentum. Mnangangwa and his bunch of thieves should be the ones going to classes to they're the ones who are capacited

Jombo 3 months ago

You are not understanding the equation @citizen 5......yes teachers want money I totally understand that and I also feel for them.But the children's future is irreversible

Citizen 3 months ago

Even if l don't hve kids at school, but the good thing is l hve a heart that feels for the teacher. That teacher might be my parent, brother or sister who's failing to make ends meet, and u expect him/her to doesn't require education for you to understand this simple equation.

Citizen 3 months ago

Even if l don't hve kids at school, but the good thing is l hve a heart that feels for the teacher. That teacher might be my parent, brother or sister who's failing to make ends meet, and u expect him/her to doesn't require education for you to understand this simple equation.

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

It's not he didn't go to school..HE IS SUPPORTING THE PLIGHT OF TEACHERS..if he hadn't gone to school buh still he is able to engage with you on social media it means he is a genius..

Your children can always do extra lessons,study online.. Google n so on.. what abt teachers' kids??

Jombo 3 months ago

Clearly you don't have kids who are at also never attended school...SHAME

Mrs P 3 months ago


Dekk 3 months ago

Ko iwo ma teacher ari kuhora mariii

Dekk 3 months ago


Mhazi Chirumanzu 3 months ago

No pay rise no teaching just open doors only

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